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Cold Water Transformation

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Nutmeg

Cold water immersion can improve cardiovascular circulation, facilitate weight loss, reduce inflammation, and promote the natural healing capacity. It has been repopularized recently, but its benefits have been known and practiced throughout the northern countries for centuries. I live on Lake Ontario in southern Canada. I go into the lake once a month through the winter and daily through the spring, summer, and fall. My body’s natural healing capacity has awakened.

Share the magic of a cellular reset with me using a cold shower, an ice bath, or a dip in a lake, river, pond, or stream. Be safe and take a buddy.

Strip off your warm clothes and step into the water, aware of the increased sensation you feel. Move quickly to get deep enough to dip. Quickly squat or duck or dive under, immersing the crown chakra. Arise, feeling the signals of reset and transformation triggered throughout your body.

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