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Beltane Ribbon Mini Maypole

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Rosemary

You might not be able to dance around a maypole, but you can make your own mini maypole!

You will need:
* A 1/2-inch dowel, 2 feet long
* 9 ribbons in different colors representing different wishes, each 3 feet long
* A thumbtack
* Red thread

Hold the dowel vertically. Place the ribbons so that the top of each ribbon folds across the top of the dowel, and the ribbons cascade down all sides of the dowel. Drive the thumbtack through the ribbons deep into the top of the dowel, holding all ribbons in place.

Braid three sets of three ribbons each, speaking the wish of each ribbon as you braid it into the others. Fasten off the braids with red thread.

Now there are three braids of three ribbons each hanging from the dowel. You can twirl this mini maypole in your sacred Beltane dance or hang it in your home. Release each braid as the wishes manifest.

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