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I Also Bloom Spell

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Narcissus

In many areas, May is when flowers bloom and their sweet scents perfume the air. Even if flowers aren’t in bloom near you, you can still celebrate your inner unfolding with this soul affirming spell. It requires fresh flowers. Anything from the fanciest rose to a common dandelion will do, but organic flowers are best.

You will need a spray bottle, some natural or purified water, sunshine, and fresh flowers in a vase.

Fill the spray bottle with water, then place it in the sunshine to make sun water. After a few minutes, mist the flowers with the sun water until they’re soaked. Lift one flower and anoint yourself lovingly with it. Brush the wet petals upon your cheeks, forehead, heart, throat, and anywhere else you wish. In a loving and confident voice, say:

Just like these beautiful
flowers, I also bloom.

When done, mist the flowers one last time and set them outside so they can be enjoyed by butterflies and bees.

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