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New Year's Ritual

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Eucalyptus

Fresh starts, all possibilities, a shared vision of hope are in order on New Year's Day. Light candles of many colors, and place them around a bowl of clear water, saying:

This day is waiting for me to choose, if I will win or if I will lose.
The magic I live in the coming year, flows from the gifts I choose.

The vows I make, the chances I take, the visions that now fill my heart, grow strong with intention that is honorable and true.

Magic come and magic stay, with me now and everyday.
Creation be alive in me, bring light to all I see.
Fill my heart with peace.

Fill my spirit with the universe's light, power,
justice, and eternal might. Open my vision of all I see, blessings and benevolence are in me.

My powers grow with each new insight picked from wisdom's tree.
Magical moments I do see, each day beings me closer to what I will be.

By the light of these candles my illumination grows bright,
By the waters of life bring to Earth peace and new insight.
I welcome the new year and vow to be valiant, kind, and wise.

So mote it be.

Holiday lore: New Year's Day calls for safeguards, augurs, charms, and proclamations. All over the world on this day, people kiss strangers, shoot guns into the air, toll bells, and exchange gifts. Preferred gifts are herring, bread, and fuel for the fire.

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