I’ve talked in past about using electional astrology to plan surgeries and other medical events via Twitter, and now it seems hospitals in India are taking this to an even further degree: The Banaras Hindu University in Uttar Pradesh is turning to ancient astrological texts to find a cure for heart ailments.

Allotted and approved by the University Grants Commission, the project has given rise to a number of “astrological hospitals” around the holy city; these hospitals are places where astrologers prescribe semi-precious stones, beads, and herbal medicines. These practices are nothing new to this culture, whose ancient books all mention using astrology to diagnose and cure heart disease.

Here in the United States, we likewise have holistic healing centers where we can be treated with Reiki, accupuncture, homeopathic and herbal remedies, and more. But I’m not aware of any such healing centers that integrate astrology into their practices. If we want to use astrology to diagnose or treat a particular ailment, we must seek out a separate astrologer.

Are there any such centers in the US that offer treatment both by holistic medicine and astrology?

Are we missing something from not including astrology in our diagnoses and treatments, whether at a holistic center or in a traditional, allopathic setting?

Written by Anna
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