The Russian Navy has recently declassified details of its various UFO encounters, many of which take place in or around water. These incidents include one in which three humans died in an ensuing chase when military divers in Siberia’s Lake Baikal (the world’s deepest lake), encountered a “group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery suits” at a depth of 160 feet.

For me, the news the the Russian Navy is making these details public is very heartening. All too often, those who claim to have encountered any sort of extra-terrestrial life are regarded as foolish, misguided, or simply insane. Our own government refuses to disclose any details (or even a confirmation) of an alien encounter near Roswell, New Mexico. My parents live in New Mexico, and having visited the state at least once a year for the past twenty years, I can say that the energy around the Roswell area is certainly different than it is in any other part of the state; for me, a refusal to disclose information is as good as a confirmation.

That said, it does seem that the prospect (and recognition) of life outside of our third rock from the sun may finally be changing in the eyes of the general public.  Many mainstream televisions shows have addressed extra-terrestrial life, including Third Rock from the Sun in the mid-1990s and more recently Battlestar Galactica. Llewellyn author Stan Romanek has even been in the news, with an upcoming appearance on 20/20 and a BBC film crew interviewing him as part of a documentary. His book Messages (a gripping tale of extraterrestrial contact, one that—augmented by video footage, photographs, and physical evidence—is the world’s most documented) has seen tremendous sales.

Could the tides be turning? Is the mainstream public opening up to the idea that aliens have been (and will be) among us?

Written by Anna
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