My fiance and I are getting married on December 17. Originally planning (due to out-of-town wedding guests) to have the ceremony in July of 2010, we’ve instead decided that there will be no formal ceremony and that we will wed, with no guests, on our three-year anniversary.

Because we made a somewhat last-minute decision based on our hearts, I decided to consult the stars. Had we had a Cancer wedding as originally planned, our marriage would have been more focused on nurturing each other and giving back to our family, and the wedding Wedding Cakean intimate affair with heirloom pieces. That was what we had originally planned, and it seemed to fit our relationship (and our planned wedding ceremony) to a tee.

However, I knew nothing about a Sagittarius marriage. After consulting April Elliott Kent’s Star Guide to Weddings (a girl’s best friend, let me tell you!), I learned that the Sag wedding is lax with the planning (ahem, our decision to marry at a courthouse wouldn’t reflect this, would it??) and that the marriage, though often between two people separated by age, cultural background, or other major difference–we are 22 years apart in age–would be one meant for optimism, exploration, and creativity.

To add even more astrological luck to the day of our nuptials, we will be wed the morning after the New Moon in Sagittarius (I’ve written in past about the energy that the New Moon brings to the beginning of your marriage).

I know that there is so much more that goes into a marriage than simply what the chart of your wedding day says, but I find it comforting to know that the stars seem to be shining down on my whimsical, heartfelt choice.

What about you? Has anyone else made a decision to elope (for whatever reason), and had your marriage be affected by the change of date? How about planning your wedding so that it falls under a specific sign?

Written by Anna
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