Do you have a vacation planned this Memorial Day weekend? If you do, you might be working extra hard around the office to make sure everything is taken care of. Vacations have a wonderful effect on the work day — they make you work harder and more effectively.  It’s surprising Americans typically only are allowed two vacations a year. If time off were more common, employers might find their employees clearing off their desks, ticking off of to-do items, and enjoying everyday tasks with a little more than average enthusiasm. Time off encourages productivity.

In that spirit, a little-known “holiday” was created by productivity expert Laura Stack. Wednesday June 2 is National Leave-the-Office-Earlier Day. The idea behind the day isn’t to sneak out early to go drink a latte in the park. The idea is to be mindful of your workday. You have eight hours — make them count. Tap into that get-things-done vacation mode at the office at least once a week. You’ll go home after 40 hours feeling more productive, satisfied, and eager to fill up your non-work time with other happy and healthy things.

Written by Carrie Obry
A former Llewellyn acquisitions editor, Carrie is now executive director of the Midwest Booksellers Association, a nonprofit organization that represents independent bookstores. ...