My husband and I have two cats, Bosco and Buckley. Both are seven-year-old males, Buckley being adopted by me from the Humane Society when he was 6 weeks old and Bosco being adopted by my husband from a different Humane Society when he was 3 years old. They’ve lived together for the past four years, and they are definitely brothers. In that time I can definitely tell that mannerisms and personality traits from each of the boys is rubbing off on the other.

Bosco giving his big brother Buckley a hug. Is it not entirely obvious which is the Cancer and which the Libra?

Even though they may be as thick as thieves and get more like the other each day, their personalities still could not be more different. Buckley is, above all, a scaredy-cat. He is literally frightened by most anything; new people are most definitely cause for concern, and he spends thunderstorms barricaded under the covers of our bed. He is also more aloof, coming only when he wants attention or treats. Bosco is the opposite, being adventurous and daring (and consequently, always into something), and he absolutely adores people. If you have a hand, he expects you to pet him. Part of me knows that their respective environments play a part (Buckley being too young when adopted to remember the shelter environment, and Bosco still being thankful every day for being brought to his forever home), but part of me knows that astrology must play a role as well. Buckley is a full three months older than Bosco (and about 5 pounds heavier), and yet he acts like the younger brother of the pair. Surely their sun signs play a part.

So, how do you figure out your pet’s sun sign? Many people know their pet’s birthday, but many others do not. If you have a purebred animal, it will have come with a registration certificate that has a date of birth. If you pick your animal companion up from a litter, they are generally 6 weeks of age when adopted, so you can count backwards in time (as was the case with Buckley; he was adopted on August 15 of 2003, putting his date of birth between the last week in June and the first week of July and making him an emotional Cancer). If your pet was a stray or adopted as an adult (as was the case with Bosco), you will have a harder time determining the date your pet was born. Often, adoptees from the Humane Society will come with an estimation of age or date of birth, and you can work from there (in our case, we were told Bosco was likely—likely being the operative word—born in September of 2003). From there, simply knowing the characteristics of each sun sign will help you determine what sign your pet is. Sun sign traits for pets are, as evidenced below, just like traits for each sun sign for humans.

Aries animals are born to be leaders. They are bold, adaptable, athletic, impatient, and impulsive.

Taurus animals can be lazy and are wont to become couch potatoes if you are not careful. These animals are affectionate, patient, and quiet, yet still strong-willed and stubborn like human Taureans.

Gemini animals are full of energy, and can seem if they have multiple personalities. These animals are alert, restless, vocal (as the communicators of the zodiac), and fickle.

Cancer animals are sensitive, and like to be coddled. They are loyal (especially to one owner over another) and devoted, but can be grumpy and clingy (like my emotional, clingy, and, at times, grumpy with new people Buckley).

Leo animals are also leaders of their homestead. These animals are fearless, energetic, and dominant, making good pets around children.

Virgo animals are going to be finicky about being clean, especially Virgo cats. They are shy and aloof, but charming and intelligent.

Libra animals will do just about anything for attention. These animals are peaceful and lovable, people-oriented, and smart (between the information given to us at the Humane Society and this description, I have no doubt in my mind that Bosco is in fact an easy-going Libra).

Scorpio animals are entertainers, and love to be outside. They are independent, but still strong-willed, loving, and responsive.

Sagittarius animals will be energetic and playful. They are free-spirited, curious, and friendly.

Capricorn animals will always be on their best behavior, especially inside the house. They are reserved, good-natured, and patient.

Aquarius animals sensitive and in-tune with the emotions of their owners. These animals are independent, people-oriented, and outgoing, but still a little rebellious at times.

Finally, Pisces animals are definitely devoted to their owners, but still may be a tad touchy or unpredictable. They adapt easily to new environments.

What sun sign is your pet?

Written by Anna
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