Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Tess Whitehurst, author of Magical Housekeeping.

Tess WhitehurstWhen I tell someone that I wrote a book called Magical Housekeeping, he or she will sometimes ask, “What’s the most important area of the home?  If I could only focus on one area, what would it be?”

The answer?  The front door.

The front door is the entryway of blessings, abundance, and positive energy.  It not only has the capacity to invite in the conditions you desire, it also, as a magical threshold, can be employed to fine-tune the energy that enters so that it vibrationally sets the tone for the entire home.

Below are some general guidelines to help you empower your front door to live up to its magical potential.

1. Clear a path. Imagine that energy and blessings are flowing into your house via your front door like water flows into a lake from a river or stream.  If there’s anything blocking or constricting the flow, move it.  For example, potted plants on either side of the front door are great, but if they make you feel a bit crowded as you enter, or if they obstruct the view of the front door at all, you might want to move them away from the door slightly, replace them with smaller ones, or—if there’s limited space—place them somewhere else entirely.

2. Spiff it up. Does it need to be washed?  Or painted?  Or repaired?  Make your front door sparkle, and do it with intention.  If you wash it, you might add some spearmint or parsley oil to your cleansing mixture and mentally invite in abundance as you scrub.  If you paint it, you might swirl flower or gem essences into the paint according to your desires and inwardly summon them as you artfully wield your brush.

3. Lift the vibes.  Wind chimes lift and purify vibrations (especially when empowered with the “Wind Chime Empowerment Ritual” in Magical Housekeeping). So do attractive mobiles or sun catchers.  You can also burn white sage around the threshold and/or chant words of blessing at the new and full moons.

4. Give it a face. If you go for this sort of thing, small statues—fairies, goddesses, animals, Buddhas, and the like—can be employed as great little greeters near the front door that can lift your spirits and the spirits of your guests, invite in positive conditions, protect you from negativity, and set a positive vibration in your home.  Simply choose a greeter that you like and empower him or her according to your wishes.

5. Do what you can.  If you live in an apartment and have limited freedom around the outside of the front door, don’t worry!  Intention is the name of the game, so do what you can on the physical realm and then mentally invite the blessings in.  You might also do things like burn sage around the area periodically, visualize your door glowing with sparkly light, anoint your door with essential oils, etc.

Our thanks to Tess Whitehurst for her guest post! For more from Tess, read her article, “Make Your Home a Magical Tool” or her interview with Llewellyn.

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