Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Richard Webster, author of more than seventy-five books, including Astral Travel for Beginners.

A few weeks ago, I met a man who told me he’d been interested in astral travel for many years, but had never managed to leave his physical body.  I was puzzled, as, over the years, I’ve helped many people astral travel.  Some have been able to astral travel immediately, while others have taken weeks or even months.  However, this was the first time I’d met someone who’d apparently tried for years without success.

After chatting with him for a while, I realized why he had not been successful.  The most important factor in his lack of success was that he liked the idea of astral travel, but wasn’t prepared to spend the necessary time to master it.  Every now and again he’d make a half-hearted attempt to astral travel, but would give up before he left his physical body.  When I asked him why he didn’t repeat the experiment on a regular basis, he replied that he was busy, and sometimes months would go by before he tried again.  To me, this indicated that although he was curious about astral travel, his desire to achieve it was almost non-existent.

I also learned that he used the same method each time he tried to astral travel.  Although he’d read about other techniques, he hadn’t tried any of them.  It pays to experiment, as no technique works well for everyone.  A method that suits you may not work as well for me.

Before he left, I gave him a few suggestions that I hoped would help him to astral travel:

  1. You must have a strong desire to astral travel.
  2. Wear loose-fitting clothing, and make sure the room you are in  is warm enough.
  3. Protect yourself by visualizing yourself surrounded by pure  white light.
  4. Remain positive and confident that you can astral travel.
  5. You must be persistent, and practice regularly until you  achieve success.
  6. You must be prepared to allow it to happen.  Many people panic as soon as they  sense a sinking sensation, and this prevents them from achieving their  goal.  You must learn to go with  the sinking sensation and allow it to continue until you find yourself free of  your physical body.
  7. Experiment with different methods.  Astral Travel for Beginners contains fifteen different ways to astral travel.

Although I haven’t seen this man since, I’m confident that if he applied himself, and practiced regularly, he would quickly master the art of astral traveling.  I hope these suggestions help you, too.

Our thanks to Richard Webster for his guest post! For more from Richard, visit his author page for a complete listing of his books and articles.

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