A television station in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, captured an unidentified flying object on video in the skies above eastern St. Paul on Monday night/early Tuesday morning (August 9/10, 2010).

The video shows five lights, sometimes in alignment, and one of the lights blinks on and off. The lights move and are often aligned at a 45 degree angle.

There are a number of spectators on the scene, and all seem a bit baffled as to what they see. If I would have witnessed this in person, I’d be very baffled as well. I’m a believer, and I once thought there was a UFO and woke up my parents in the middle of the night. Nope, it was just the moon. This happened years ago and I was reminded of this once again by my mother this past weekend. But my eyes are always trained to the skies in the hope that I will see something out of this world.

Do you think the lights in the video are of a UFO? Have you ever witnessed a UFO in the sky?

Written by Amy
Amy is the acquisitions editor in charge paranormal subjects at Llewellyn. With ten years experience in the publishing world, Amy is excited to have her love for ghost stories and the unexplained coincide with her new day job! She enjoys bicycling, running, reading, cooking, and quenches her ...