Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Andy Baggott, author of Blissology.

Every once in a while, in the field of human endeavour, there emerges a human being who is truly exceptional. They outshine all their rivals with consummate ease and appear to stand in a class of their own. One such person is former American sprinter Michael Johnson. He won four Olympic gold medals, was crowned world champion eight times, and his 1999 world record in the 400 metres still stands today.

Whenever I watched him compete I was always particularly taken with aura of ease and relaxation he showed throughout each race. As the finishing line approached, the faces of the other athletes would show clear signs of stress and strain as they tried to push their bodies to go that little bit faster; Michael always appeared so relaxed that it often looked as if he was only on a training run. While those around him strove to achieve, Michael allowed his natural talent to shine forth, and in doing so he outshone all his rivals.

The key to realising any dream lies in the “art of allowing.” The fulfilling of a dream always creates an expansion of who we are. When we set our mind on achieving something, our striving to achieve it often slows our progress. This is because the very act of striving causes stress, which in turn causes a contraction of our minds and bodies. Dreams are expansive, so any form of contraction takes us further away from realising our dreams.

If you want more from life, if you desire an expansion of who you are, don’t struggle and strive to achieve it but instead relax and allow your dreams to come and meet you. In this way you ensure that your life and inner happiness are forever expanding and flowing. Seek to achieve nothing, but instead allow everything and you will achieve more than you can imagine.

Human beings are hardwired for expansion; it is as natural as the expansion of the universe. Contrary to modern belief, it takes no effort to expand who you are and realise your dreams but rather only a letting go of resistance and an allowing of your natural beauty to shine forth. If you set your mind towards your dreams and desires, then let go of all resistance, you will naturally and effortlessly flow towards them. The more you allow the quicker progress you will make.

There is always a price to pay for achieving, whereas when we allow there is only reward.  When you trust in your own ability to be the master of your own reality, when you dare to dream, it is your destiny to fulfill that dream if you can but allow it to unfold before you. As your dreams expand, so too does your happiness, and before you know it, life is filled with ease and bliss. It is our natural talent to expand and every human being alive today possesses the ability to allow this talent to guide them to their inner peace and bliss.

Our thanks to Andy Baggott for his guest post! For more from Andy, read his article “How to Create Your Own Happiness.”

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