Does magick really work? You graduated from UCLA. How can you believe in that stuff?

These are questions I hear all the time. Modern society indoctrinates people to disbelieve in the possibility of magick. But the simple truth is, as many of you reading this already know, “Yes, magick does work.” The challenge, however, is that there are numerous variables in magick, ranging from your emotions to the time, and unless you know them and deal with them you may not achieve your intended results. That’s why it often appears that magick may not be successful.

It’s like getting into a car, making sure the gears are in neutral, turning the key, and having nothing happen. Why? Maybe the battery is dead. Maybe you have no gas or the fuel filter is clogged.  Maybe someone removed all of the spark plugs. This doesn’t mean that cars don’t work, only that you’ve dealt with some, but not all of the variables. The same is true with magick.

Ahhh, but when you have a clean gas line, the battery is charged and your spark plugs are firing on all cylinders, your car can take you almost anywhere. And when you deal with all the variables in magick, the results can be astounding.

I’d like to share just one of those instances. It took place over twenty years ago. At the time I was sharing an apartment with the late Scott Cunningham in San Diego, California.

The events started simply enough. The lower left side of my stomach started to ache. Just a little, but it was bothersome. It lasted all day. I didn’t get better, but I didn’t get worse. I had no appetite. I figured I’d sleep on it and see what happened in the morning.

You’ve probable had the experience of having some pain or ailment, going to sleep, and when you awoke, the pain was gone. That didn’t happen to me. In the morning my pain was worse. A lot worse. When I pressed in there was no soreness, so I didn’t think is was appendicitis, but the pain was becoming intense. I took a couple of aspirin. A few hours later I took four more.

By the late afternoon, the pain was even worse. I was sweating, not from a fever, but from the pain. I tried to nap, but it was no use. I knocked on my roommate’s door. “Scott,” I said, “I’m feeling really bad and I think something is seriously wrong. I may need you to drive me to the emergency room. I’ve tried everything I can think of but I have an intense pain that won’t go away.”

Scott looked at me with concern and said, “Okay. But have you tried any magick?”

Click! The light went on over my head. It’s usually a good idea to try non-magickal means to solve a problem first. But when all else fails, try magick. The pain had sapped me of energy, so I couldn’t do a full ritual. I went to my room and took out a single black candle from my collection of candles. I did a brief cleansing of the area and lit the candle, stating my magickal intention:

As this candle burns down it takes away all of my pain and illness.

Black candles are excellent for removing negativity. I repeated my intention for as long as I could. I passed out from the pain.

I awoke around midnight. The black candle had burned out, far faster than it should have, leaving an odd mess of wax on the table. I looked around and noticed something strange. I felt cool, tired, and…pain free! I got up and moved around. I was fine. I suddenly realized that I hadn’t eaten in a couple of days and was starving. Scott was still up and I took him out for a midnight snack. I thanked him for reminding me what I could do.

I am not suggesting magick should replace any type of medical care. But when you do know magick, you can work what appears to be miracles.

Written by Donald Michael Kraig
Donald Michael Kraig graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy. He has also studied public speaking and music (traditional and experimental) on the university level. After a decade of personal study and practice, he began ten years of teaching courses in the Southern California area on such ...