Whenever I give workshops, I begin by writing the letters TFYQA on a blackboard. Well, actually I now have my computer write them on a screen or blank wall, but you get the idea.

The letters stand for “Think For Yourself. Question Authority.” I explain that neither I (nor other speakers at various metaphysical events) are lying or trying to deceive. Rather, we’re doing our best to explain some complex material. Sometimes it will be clear and make sense. Other times the approach of the teachers just doesn’t do it for you.

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That’s all okay. I suggest that people pay attention and try out what the lecturers have to share. “If it works, that’s great, because now you have new ideas, approaches or skills that you can use. And if it doesn’t work, that’s great, too, because now you know what you don’t have to waste your time with.”

In my opinion, the same is true of books. Books are written with ink on paper (or electrons on your screen). They are not written in stone. Read books. Read lots of them. Study what the writers have to say and practice any techniques.

Remember, however, that occultists are at the vanguard of the New Age, they are helping drive civilization into the Age of Aquarius. In this new age, instead of blindly following leaders, we will each become our own leader. There’s no reason we shouldn’t act that way now.

Recently, a person emailed me thanking me for Modern Magick. He wrote that he had studied it for years, he still recommends it, but he strongly disagrees with parts of it (he didn’t tell me which parts). I think he may have been trying to get a rise out of me and probably didn’t expect my response. I replied, “I’m glad that you disagree with parts of MM–it shows that you’re a thinker rather than a follower. That’s a good thing!”

I don’t care who the writer is. If you simply say, “Yes, I agree with everything this writer had put into books,” chances are you’re stuck in the Old Age, the Piscean Age. There are occult writers I deeply respect, but I don’t agree with everything they have published. I know some people who idolize Aleister Crowley and fawn over everything he wrote. And yet Crowley himself (at the beginning of Magic in Theory and Practice, as I recall) wrote that other teachers tell you what to think while he asks you to think.

I would agree and would ask you to think, too. Listen to speakers. Read books. Try out what they suggest. But then, come up with your own ideas. If some ideas and practices work for you, adopt them and adapt them. If some ideas and practices don’t work for you, abandon them. Dion Fortune wrote that there is no room for authority in occultism. Or perhaps more accurately, in the New Age, the only authority when it comes to your occult and magickal practices is you.


Written by Donald Michael Kraig
Donald Michael Kraig graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy. He has also studied public speaking and music (traditional and experimental) on the university level. After a decade of personal study and practice, he began ten years of teaching courses in the Southern California area on such ...