Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Jean-Louis de Biasi, author of Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons and the forthcoming The Divine Arcana of Aurum Solis.

Many months ago, Dan Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol revealed a strange story to its readers regarding the quest for a hidden pyramid in Washington, DC. The hero of the novel progressively attempts to solve this mystery, as he looks for a symbolic representation of the inner soul: a cornerstone used as a map.

You may believe this is fiction, but if you study the Hermetic symbols in Washington, DC more carefully, you will be very surprised. There is no doubt that the city planners and architects who worked for the founding fathers took great care to build Washington, DC according to ancient principles.  We can only decipher these principles only with an ancient text from the first century.

Let me offer you one example, which is more completely explained in my book The Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons.

Washington, DC is the location of this so-called “hidden pyramid.” The archetype of all pyramids in the Western world is the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. This is not the first pyramid, but it is the most iconic—a model of divine harmony and geometric accomplishment. The sides of this square have a length of 0.143132 mile. If you multiply

Figure 1: Map of the District of Columbia

this dimension by 70, you get size exactly the length of the side of the Region of Columbia, that is to say, ten miles. In Hebrew Qabalah (which was used in the Masonic tradition) this number is associated with the letter Ayin, which means “Divine providence, eye, the fountain of wisdom, and the ability to find wisdom.” If we consider the number 7, it is also very well related to the first Hermetic principles of the Lunar month divided into 4 parts, each composed of 7 days. These 7 days were allocated to 7 Divinities in ancient times. In the Greek system, the seven Divinities are: Helios, Selene, Ares, Hermes, Zeus, Aphrodite, and Kronos. Vowels were linked to these Divinities (I, A, O, E, U, H, A).

Yet, we may go still further. In order to generate real power from a geometrical shape, something more physical than symbolic consideration is needed. Since the most ancient times, such energies have been created in the same way, by raising stones and by “planting” them on or in the ground on precise “knots” of energy. Stone markers were used to generate a special invisible power in this space surrounded by the stones.  The character of the energy was a consequence of the shape, the position, and the number of the stones. These traditional rules were used in the construction of Washingto,n DC. The square, at the perfect center of the four cardinal points, was delimited by 40 stone markers, planted

Figure 2: One of the 40 Stone Markers

in the ground at a very precise distance apart. (Remember that the number 40, the letter Mem for the Hebrew Qabalah, symbolizes the fountain of Divine Wisdom.) The powers of the 40 stones planted in the earth helped manifest the budding creation of this young republic.

As a result of this remarkable traditional creation, the perfect center of this invisible pyramid was marked by a final stone, just beside the Washington Monument in the center of the Mall, the “Jefferson Pier Stone.” Its shape perfectly represents a cube crowned by an unfinished pyramid.

Figure 3: The Cardinal Directions on the Washinton Mall

I describe in The Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons several practices you can perform in person while you are at the Washington Mall or while visualizing the place. You can also simply go to the Mall, put your right hand on the top of the Jefferson Pier Stone and say loudly (or just in your mind) the following text:

“May the Divine light illuminate this place, giving Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty to all those people working for the good of Humanity! May all the powers focused on this special space bring Peace and Insight to all the people around the world! So mote it be!” (If possible, remain in contact with the stone during your silent declamation.)

As you perform this little rite, you will realize the result of this amazing occult organization. As a result of this design and the presence of the precisely placed stones, the center of Power is able to receive precise influences. This construct enabled the new republic to rise in power, while glorifying the most important values for every human being:  “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Our thanks to Jean-Louis de Biasi for his guest post! For more from Jean-Louis, read his article “Discover the Ancient Secrets of the Freemasons ” or his interview

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