Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Ellen Dugan, author of Autumn Equinox, Book of Witchery, Cottage Witchery, Elements of Witchcraft, The Enchanted Cat, Garden Witch’s Herbal, Garden Witchery, Herb Magic for Beginners, How to Enchant a Man, Natural Witchery, and the new Practical Protection Magick.

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I have been asked to be a guest blogger, so I am writing on my newest book, Practical Protection Magick: Guarding & Reclaiming Your Power. While protection magick is a hot topic, it can also be a controversial one. Why? Because some folks buy into the whole idea that protection magick and psychic self- defense is only for the self-deluded or paranoid. To which I strongly disagree.

We have done such a good publicity job over the past twenty years telling the general public that Witches never cast spells that could cause harm, that it has backfired on us. Why, magick and witchcraft is all white light and hot tubs, midwives and herbalism, pink sparkles and faery dust…. and you know what? That is simply not true.

Magick is a neutral force. It is honestly up to the individual spell caster how their spells will manifest. This outcome will be decided ultimately by the spell caster’s intentions. Not everyone out there is casting spells for “the good of all, with harm to none.” Jealousy, envy, hatred, and malice can be added into the mix. So it is time to be grown ups, face reality, and to stop pretending.

However, there is no need to be fearful of protection magick—but you do need to be street-smart and aware. Thinking you may never have to defend yourself on a psychic and/or magickal level is about as foolish as believing that you will never be the victim of a crime—just because you yourself would never do such a thing. The goal here is not to instill fear; it is instead to attain awareness. Not only is it is your right, it is also your duty to posses the skills required for psychic self defense and protection magick.

It’s time to be honest about this topic of protection magick, and to look at it from a neutral place. With candor, integrity, and a even bit of humor thrown in. Want to know how to diagnose a hex, crossed condition, or a curse? Do you know what the differences of those three conditions are? Do you think it would be a good idea to understand and be able to identify your own psychic strengths? Want to learn how to set healthy boundaries and possess the magickal and psychic skills required to handle trouble makers in a coven or those pesky emotional and psychic vampires? How about a new collection of protective spells, charms, and rituals for just about any type of self defense magick under the sun?

Well, I’ve got you covered. With Practical Protection Magick, not only will you learn something new on the topics of psychic self-defense and protection magick, you’ll actually enjoy the learning process and become a smarter, more savvy, and wiser Witch along the way.

Our thanks to Ellen Dugan for her guest post! For more from Ellen, visit his Author Profile for a full list of her books and articles. You can also visit her website at and her Blog of Witchery.

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