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Hello from my humble abode at Llewellyn! My name is Angela and I am the newest acquisitions editor covering the spiritual self-help category. I happily started at the beginning of April and have been having a blast integrating myself within the position. I have to admit, I’ve always mentally believed in the concept of manifestation, but for the past few months I have been in mouth-wide-open awe of how things sometimes come together in the most magical way. To get a better feel for what I mean, let me tell you a little about myself. But first, a quote:

“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of what you truly love.” — Rumi


Even before I knew of Rumi (a 13th century mystic poet) and his often soul spoken advice, I could not deny the pull that he describes. I distinctly remember at the age of twelve I had an assignment to write an essay on any topic. Think of it…from all categories, what would your topic be? I don’t know how I came to it, but I wrote my essay on angels and from that point on my spiritual hunger was insatiable. I became a teenager with a secret that only my library knew about. Books on psychics, spirit communication, and near-death-experience cautiously found their way hidden in the darkest corner of my nightstand. At night I would pour over the pages, desperately wishing to experience the things I was reading­…to see an angel first-hand, get one tiny glimpse of heaven, or talk with my very own spirit guide.

Among my friends, I was known to have an interest in angels and dream interpretation became a daily ritual at the lunch table. These were my “safe” topics. Of course, we all went through a Ouija board phase until (as it usually does) things got a little too creepy. I know there is a sort of taboo regard to the Ouija board and though I have never been able to put a finger on the exact issue, I remain leery as well. Perhaps it is an open invitation to mischievous or lower level energies preying on unguarded and wishful communicators? Regardless, it fed my curiosity and I can’t deny that it was a stepping stone in my progression and eventual spirit communication abilities.

By college I had almost fully closed myself off from these abilities. Teenaged years are hard! And this was one confusing item that I needed to leave behind until I figured myself out. Over the next few years the “strong pull” encouraged my cautious reawakening to New Age topics. I began learning reiki, an ancient Japanese technique for stress relief, relaxation, and healing. My full awakening flourished when I moved to the Twin Cities where I dove into courses on spiritual development, intuitive, psychic, and paranormal studies.

In the end, I was left with a certification in massage, a “reverend” title in interfaith studies, and certification in several hands-on-healing techniques. Still, it wasn’t enough. I wanted my passion to be my life instead of my side-hobby, but I had no idea what direction to move in. My hands were bound and it seems that just as I was coming to end of my rope, with all hope lost, *POOF* here I am with New Age wisdom seeping through my pores and coming out my ears all day long.

Looking back on the bread crumb trail I’ve left behind, it all makes sense. With eight years in publishing and the undeniable pull that Rumi depicts it seems so obvious. Then again, with the mysteries of the universe you never can tell what direction you’ll be moved in.

Now that you know me, tell me about you! Set my acquiring role to the test and let me know what you love. What do you want to know more about? My eyes and ears are open and searching for those items that will feed your soul and quench your thirst! I aim to please.

Written by Angela
Angela is the acquisitions editor for New Age health and healing, psychic and consciousness development, and parapsychology books at Llewellyn. She is an avid reader, practitioner, and client of her subject matter and is thrilled to focus on her passion everyday! Outside of work, Angela's interests ...