Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by BelindaGrace, author of You Are Clairvoyant.

Reviewing and releasing old patterns of behaviour and belief from your previous lifetimes on this planet can be extremely liberating. Most of us have had many lives here on Earth before, our Souls using each life as an opportunity to learn and grow. For most people it isn’t possible to remember exactly what it is you came here to achieve or learn, and we can feel burdened by perceptions and experiences that keep repeating despite the fact that they don’t really serve us any more. Have you ever felt that kind of frustration? That feeling of “Oh no, this is happening again and I don’t know what to do about it!”

As a Clairvoyant Healer, people often come to me for a reading and only wish to focus on what may occur in their future. Each time this happens the Angels and Guides patiently explain to them that healing their past is the first and most important step. They say, “It is not possible to create the kind of future that you dream of if you are not living as fully as you can in the present, and it is not possible to live fully in the present if you are always dragging around your past.” This is a very powerful realisation for most people, and opens the doorway to letting go of the habits and beliefs that can limit us.

Over the years I have seen clients move on from unhealthy relationships, embrace greater levels of abundance, increase their confidence, conceive a much longed-for child, become free from fears and phobias, and make constructive changes in their careers, family dynamics, and health, all after letting go of an old past-life story that was still influencing their current life in a negative or unhelpful way.

If there are problems recurring in your life that you just can’t heal or explain, it may well be coming from memories and behaviours from some of your previous incarnations. There really is no time like the present to look into and release your unwanted past, so that you can create the future that you dream of.

Our thanks to BelindaGrace for her guest post! For more from BelindaGrace, read her article, “Yes, You Are Clairvoyant Too!.”

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