Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Kathryn Klvana, author of Intuition in an Instant.

Everyone wants to be healthy. But what if you could use your intuition to fine-tune your health? Imagine if you could intuitively check what’s best to put into your body, from the foods you eat to the vitamins and supplements you take. If you learn to dowse, you might be able to do just that.

Most people think of dowsing as an old fashioned technique for finding water with a forked stick. But when I discovered dowsing with pendulum a few years ago, I found an easy tool that allowed me to access my intuition consistently whenever I needed guidance. I’d pick up my pendulum, hold a question in my mind, and wait for my answer. I was hooked.

A pendulum can be anything that can dangle in a balanced way on a chain or string. Hold your pendulum in your dominant hand and tell yourself, “Show me a yes.” What you’re doing is programming yourself to recognize a positive answer. My yes response is a clockwise circle, but yours could move differently—perhaps counter clockwise or back and forth. Once you’ve established your yes, ask for a no. It may take some time to get movement from your pendulum, but keep practicing and you’ll find that your dowsing becomes stronger. For more help in learning to dowse, see my new book, Intuition in an Instant.

A quick pendulum reading this morning told that I have been drinking the right amount of water over the past two weeks, but that I’m overdoing it on caffeine and cheese. I haven’t been taking any vitamins, and that was evident in this reading. I’m low in vitamin C and particularly low in B vitamins. To check this for yourself, hold your pendulum and ask, “Have I been drinking the right amount of water for the last two weeks?” If the answer is no, follow up by asking if you have been getting too little.

Another technique is to work with a chart. Draw a horizontal line about four inches long on a piece of paper. At one end, write “too little.” At the other, write “too much.” Draw a perpendicular line straight up the middle and at the top, write “optimal.” Now hold your pendulum at the bottom center of the chart, and ask yourself how much water you have been getting over the last two weeks. If your pendulum swings to the middle of left side of the chart, you have been getting half the amount of water your body needs.

Of course, when using your intuition to answer health questions, it’s important to also use common sense and to check with your doctor before making any major changes.

Our thanks to Kathryn for her guest post! For more from Kathryn Klvana, read her article, “Exploring the Subconscious with Dowsing.”

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