I happened to have had the privilege of knowing some incredible people who, unfortunately, are no longer with us. This includes Israel Regardie, Scott Cunningham, and  Ted Andrews. When I mention such people, I often hear someone say, “I wish I’d had a chance to meet them or study with them.”

Although we can read and study their amazing writings, we can’t go back and have personal experiences with them. What I like to point out is that there are great people, alive right now, whom you can meet and study with.

Just imagine meeting Andrieh Vitimus, author of Hands-On Chaos Magic. And besides meeting him, imagine attending workshops by him with topics such as “5-Minute Powerhouse Invocations” or “What is Chaos Magic?” I’m sure you’d agree that would be a great experience.

Andrieh Vitimus

Or how about meeting Oberon Zell-Ravenheart. He was a founder of the Church of All Worlds and driving force behind “Green Egg” magazine, one of the most important magazines in the history of modern Paganism. He’s also the author of  Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard and head of the Grey School of Wizardry, both intended to teach young people (and not so young people) ethical magick. Imagine him giving workshops on such topics as “2012” and “Esoteric Education.”

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

Since you’re reading this you already know me. But imagine meeting me and hearing me talk on “Secrets of Real Meditation,” “The Future of Magick,” and have me help you “Experience Your Past Lives.”

Image © by  Himalayan Academy Publications
reproduced under Creative Commons license

It would be nearly impossible to hire us and have us come visit, bringing you this information. But just imagine a huge, family-friendly festival with over 600 people. Besides the three people mentioned, this gathering of the tribes would also include speakers on enlightenment, magick and spirituality, arts and crafts, wellness and healing. There would also be loads of entertainment during lunch and in the evenings, culminating with one of the biggest bonfires north of the Burning Man event.

This is exactly what took place in southern Ohio during the 31st annual Starwood Festival held July 5-11. I’m sure that next year it will be bigger and better, so consider attending by yourself, with your family, or with a group.

If you can’t make it to Starwood, see if there are some other festivals you might like to attend. Don’t find yourself saying “I wish I’d met this person or that person” years from now. Meet us while we’re alive!


If you’ve been following the internet, you know what those letters mean: Not Safe For Work. Recently, while I was at the Babalon Rising Festival, I had a VERY open discussion on sex magick with Dan and Dawn of “Erotic Awakening” that can be heard at this LINK.

Please be advised that this is an adult interview that is NSFW. I come in at 27:35. I talk about practitioners vs. theorists, the challenge of group rituals, orgasmic control, the nature of magick, the effectiveness of magick, journaling, real skepticism, being serious vs. taking oneself seriously, enhanced sexual experiences, an astounding sex magick experience, and my book, Modern Sex Magick. If you’re an adult who is interested in this topic, have a listen.

Written by Donald Michael Kraig
Donald Michael Kraig graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy. He has also studied public speaking and music (traditional and experimental) on the university level. After a decade of personal study and practice, he began ten years of teaching courses in the Southern California area on such ...