The New Moon in Leo will occur at 2:40 pm Eastern (6:40 pm GMT) tomorrow, July 30, 2011, at 7 degrees of Leo. New moons signify a new cycle, new beginnings, and rebirth. This New Moon, along with the Sun (also in Leo) will highlight the fiery Leo qualities of creativity, individuality, and pride, as well as fifth house themes of children, pleasure, and entertainment. This Leo New Moon period is the perfect time to pay attention to yourself, and revel in your personal gifts while cultivating those to which you’d like to give more attention.

That said, beware, as Mercury is preparing to turn retrograde again (on Tuesday, August 2), when it will retrograde back into Leo until it again stations direct at the end of the month. This time will be spent doing typical Mercury-retrograde “re” stuff (renewing, reflecting, reviewing, etc.) to help us find ideas and ways that we can use the power of Leo in a positive way (as opposed to focusing inward as the Lion is wont to do).

Written by Anna
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