Leo, The Lion
July 23 to August 23

Modality: Fixed
Element: Fire
Ruler: Sun

Keywords: Magnetic, magnanimous, confident, generous, hospitable, caring, warm, authoritative, bossy, patronizing

As a Leo, you are known for your outgoing nature; you prefer the limelight, but no matter whether or not you are being lavished with attention you will still brighten the world with your cheerfulness and natural leadership abilities. At times, you do need to be reminded, however, that others need attention, too; don’t be afraid to share the credit. As a fixed fire sign, you are able to not only start things but also finish them; while you get the best of both worlds, you also have a tendency to be stubborn. Whether you consider it stubbornness or determination, this quality will help you get further in life (and will help you even more if you take the time to listen to others when necessary). You take much pride in how others perceive you. The lion also lives life to the fullest, approaching each day with enthusiasm.

Leos are surrounded by a wide, ever-changing circle of acquaintances; you love gatherings and conversation. When it comes to romance, you have quite the flair for the dramatic (sunset beach walks and Hollywood kisses in the rain are usual date occasions). You know how to woo your dates, and each new relationship is a new adventure. You are attracted to independent types; you could do well to pair up with fire signs Aries or Sagittarius. Most Leos look forward to beginning a family; at times Leo parents can be overindulgent, but they make certain to impress upon their kids the importance of values and education.

Leos look for one life-long career as opposed to several different ones, though this is not always a possibility; no matter what career field you find, however, your determination and leadership skills ensure success. You are task-oriented and ambitious, which can be both a positive and a drawback. Keep things in perspective and be sure you don’t push yourself or others too hard. Budgeting comes easy to you, and you can expect to easily build the assets necessary for a comfortable retirement.

For the year ahead:

Affirmation: I value other people, and support and encourage them.

  • Jupiter began its year-long transit through Taurus (your tenth house of career and status) on June 4, making the next twelve months a time to make the best in your career (perhaps through a promotion or new position). This influence occurs only once every twelve years, so take full advantage!
  • Saturn continues its two-and-a-half year transit of  Libra, your third house of learning, quick trips, and communication. This transit encourages you to learn all you can through conversation and communication, but to also be wary of possible misunderstandings in some relationships.
  • Uranus moved into Aries on March 11, where it will remain for the next eight years. This move may find you wanting to return to school or learning in some capacity; take your time in your research and planning, and this could be a successful time for these academic pursuits.
  • Pluto continues its long transit in Capricorn (your sixth house), which is noted for change on a global scale, as well as a personal one. This is a time of transformation, and since your sixth house of health is affected, be sure to follow up with routine dental and health exams. Pluto’s impact could see you transforming your habits into healthier ones, with a nutritious diet, ample sleep, and a cutback on vices.
Written by Anna
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