This Full Moon in Aquarius occurs Saturday, August 13 at 2:58 pm Eastern (6:58 pm GMT) at 20 degrees. Full Moons represent the culmination of those things that were begun with the New Moon (in this case the July 30 New Moon in Leo).  This Full Moon represents the work we’ve done in the past weeks to pay attention to ourselves and our personal gifts/talents, and cultivating those gifts to which we’d like to give more attention.

With the Aquarius Moon opposite the Leo Sun, we are called to see how the air and fire elements, respectively, work together (air fanning flames) as opposed to fighting each other (air blowing out a flame). This Full Moon is a time when hot fights cold, subconscious fights the conscious, and air will fight fire. We must determine where the balance and harmony between these opposites lies.

Written by Anna
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