The New Moon in Gemini occurred yesterday at 7:47 pm EDT (11:47 pm GMT), Sunday, May 20, 2012, at 0 degrees. New moons signify a new cycle, new beginnings, and rebirth.

This New Moon, along with the Sun (also in Gemini) will highlight the airy Gemini qualities of adaptability and expression, as well as third house themes of communication and achievements. This Gemini New Moon period is the perfect time to take stock of your efforts in your social life, your friendships, and your family relationships.

This New Moon also occurred simultaneously with an Annular Solar Eclipse. The extra energy from the lining up of these two orbs leads to a change in patterns, effectively asking us to do away with the old ideas of communication and behavior that no longer suit us, and instead forging a new path ahead with our social lives and personas.

Written by Anna
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