I’ve been reading about the astrological signs and their associated tarot cards in Corrine Kenner’s Tarot & Astrology book.

Being a Capricorn, that was my first stop in Corrine’s wonderful text. Capricorn is associated with Trump XV, The Devil. I’ve known that for a while and never liked the association. However, it certainly does seem like a good match.

Corrine writes:

“The Devil knows how to make the most of first impressions-and he knows how to intimidate his opposition. But if anyone could beat the Devil at a game of cards, it would be a Capricorn. …both understand all too well the trials and temptations of the material world. … Most Capricorns are keenly aware of their social status. Like their symbol, the sure-footed mountain goat, they are constantly climbing, and constantly seeking greener pastures. They are ambitious, driven, disciplined, and industrious. They are prudent, patient, stable, and enduring, and they’re willing to give the Devil his due.”

When The Devil shows up in readings, we often interpret it as being bound to something, usually assuming that that something is not good for us. In the Steampunk Tarot, the Devil is shown as a creation of our own that has taken over our lives (or part of our lives) and now we exist, it feels, only to feed it.

Thinking about the place my career has in my life, I confess that sometimes I feel like this. However, it is not the career itself that is bad. Nor the desire to do it well or succeed. But for me, and probably for most Capricorns, things can get out of hand.

I understand the connection between the Devil & Capricorn, but some days I really wish my sign had a less difficult card association.

What card is your sign connected with? How do you feel about it? Do you use that information (or similar information, like Birth Cards) when doing readings for yourself or others?


Written by Barbara Moore
The tarot has been a part of Barbara Moore’s personal and professional lives for over a decade. In college, the tarot intrigued her with its marvelous blending of mythology, psychology, art, and history. Later, she served as the tarot specialist for Llewellyn Publications. Over the years, she has ...