The Full Moon in Gemini occurred this morning, Wednesday, November 28 at 9:46 am Eastern (2:46 pm GMT) at 6 degrees. Full Moons represent the culmination of those things that were begun with the New Moon (in this case the November 13 New Moon in Scorpio), which found us focusing on our finances, especially those shared with a personal or professional partner.

The Gemini Full Moon opposes the Sun in Sagittarius; we are reminded to check ourselves in the progress we made towards our goals set during the Scorpio New Moon. Have we begun a more healthy approach to income and spending? Are we being too impulsive (Gemini) in our ways, and have mindsets that need to be let go? Are we being too independent (Sagittarius) and need to meet more in the middle?

This Gemini Full Moon was also a lunar eclipse; eclipses are times of heightened energy. The Moon rules our emotions, so be prepared to deal with any emotions that surround the issues you’ve been working through these last couple of weeks.

Written by Anna
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