Cancer, The Crab
June 20 to July 22

Modality: Cardinal
Element: Water
Ruler: Moon

Keywords: Receptive, patient, intuitive, nurturing, sensitive, imaginative

As a Cancer, you are known for your nurturing nature; you will do your best to make others feel secure, and will go to great lengths to ensure that you have strong family relationships and a warm and welcoming home. You are often very emotional, being ruled by the watery moon; you must be careful, as you are very intuitive and can pick up on energy and vibes (both positive and negative) from others around you.

You are devoted to those in your inner circle of friends; while that circle may not be that wide, you cherish your friends and open to them a side you may never show the outer world. You may be a tad uncomfortable when meeting new people. Family relationships are highly important to you, and you will not only have deep emotional ties (whether good or bad) with your family members but will also likely want a family of your own. You need the security of a personal relationship, but you may have a hard time finding that right person. Don’t hold on to a relationship (or a grudge) when it sours. You will likely be rewarded with a lasting love if you are able to move on and keep searching. A Capricorn (your opposite sign) or another water sign (Scorpio or Pisces) could make a good match.

Leadership and independence are highly important to you, no matter what career path you choose; few Cancers will be satisfied with a career that finds them sitting behind a desk. You look for opportunities to learn in the workplace. Financial security is just as important to you as is emotional security. Home ownership is a biggie, and you are a pro at bargain hunting. You have a tendency to become miserly, no matter how much money you have; remember that what you give comes back to you many times over, and be generous with others.

For the year ahead:

Affirmation: Confidence and enthusiastic optimism come from within.

  • Jupiter moves into your sign on June 25, making the next twelve months lucky in just about every arena of your life. Optimism will help you attract exciting opportunities for personal growth.
  • Saturn continues to advance in Scorpio, your fifth house. You may find that parenting may become trying at times, but Saturn also brings the opportunity to both teach and learn from your children.
  • Uranus continues to transit Aries , where it will remain until 2018. Here in your tenth house of career, the next years will bring unexpected changes, but also opportunities.
  • Neptune is in Pisces until 2025. Here in your ninth house, you can anticipate an emphasis on spirituality and faith, in addition to a quest for knowledge.
  • Pluto continues in Capricorn (your seventh house), highlighting your relationships. Some will be positive, while others will be quite negative, but either way you will learn more about relationships and your role in them. This transit is more about you and learning from relationships than it is about the other people in your life.
Written by Anna
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