Scorpio, The Scorpion
October 23 to November 22

Modality: Fixed
Element: Water
Ruler: Pluto (Mars)

Keywords: Intense, ambitious, perceptive, determined, focused, secretive, jealous

As a Scorpio you are intensely determined, and are rarely deterred from achieving your goals (though this can be seen at times as stubbornness). Shrewd and intuitive, you have a mysterious aura that can be interpreted as secretive (which you indeed are at times).

Scorpios are choosy about their friends, and often have many acquaintances but few close friends; you prefer spending time with these close friends to large social events. When it comes to love, romance is essential, but you must be careful not to become too possessive or jealous. Your opposite sign, Taurus, would make a good match, as would other the water signs (Cancer and Pisces). Family relationships can be either closely bonded or detached, and often you have relationships with both types with differing family members. With children, be careful not to be too giving and to set boundaries.

When it comes to careers, Scorpios strive for influence, and do well in leadership positions; you value a fast-paced environment, but must be careful not to push yourself too hard. You have the potential for great earning power, but do have the tendency to splurge, so be sure to budget and think each purchase through.

You are kind-hearted and do all you can for those close to you.

For the year ahead:

Affirmation: Facing change with a take-charge attitude serves me well.

  • Jupiter has been in Cancer (your ninth house of travel and higher knowledge) since June; it will remain in that sign until July of 2014, when it moves into Leo, your tenth house of career. Jupiter in your ninth house is a good time to take classes, travel, and expand your horizons; Jupiter in your tenth house is an auspicious placement for career advancement and new opportunities.
  • Saturn advances in your sign, until December of 2014. This could be a time of reflection, and possibly regret. You may feel the urge to begin something new, or return to a project that was once left unfinished.
  • Uranus continues its long tour of Aries, your sixth house of health and employment. This means that for the next seven years or so you can expect changes in your work life; these changes and shifts can be both positive and negative, so be sure you consider all signs of each situation before making a decision.
  • Pluto continues in Capricorn, your third house, where it brings about a desire to discover your inner self, whether through study or creative pursuit. Your third house is also associated with family and neighbors, so you may become more involved with these individuals as well.
Written by Anna
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