Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Sherrie Dillard, author of Love and Intuition, Discover Your Psychic Type, and the new Discover Your Psychic Type.

Sherrie Dillard

Even though you may not be aware of it, you are likely communicating and connecting with your loved ones on the other side. There is constant interaction between the physical and spirit realms. Connecting with those on the other side is not as mystical, abstract, or special as you may think.

In the many years that I have been a professional medium, I have given thousands of readings. Most of the people who seek out a session with me want to be assured that their loved ones on the other side are happy and at peace. My clients also often ask for advice and guidance from their loved ones and feel comforted knowing that they are watching out for them from their celestial perch. Many hope that their loved ones will send a bit of the heavens their way.

A few years ago I was struck with the realization that we are more important to those on the other side than we suspect. Although we often look to those who have passed over for wise guidance and assistance, we play an essential role in their healing and evolution. Not only do our loved ones love and cherish us, they are also learning from us. Despite the general belief that we are alone in our struggles and challenges, we are not. Our loved ones on the other side are right beside us watching and observing our strength and courage.

In a recent session, I communicated with the father of my client. He had passed over several years earlier after a difficult illness. After assuring his daughter that he was free of pain and enjoying the company of many of his family and friends who were also on the other side, he thanked his daughter for helping him. Confused as to what he meant by this, she asked for clarification.

In response, he said, “Your open-hearted kindness and ability to express love is helping me to learn how to give and express love.”

Upon hearing this, my client told me that her father had died without telling her that he loved her.

Her father, listening in on our conversation, replied. “I didn’t know how to. Despite the lack of love you received in your childhood, you love so easily.”

Long after this session I could still feel the palatable energy of love and healing that both my client and her father shared. This is not an exception. Family and friends (and even those relatives and others in the spirit realm that we did not know well) often speak of how much they are helped by our efforts in the physical world.

We continue to learn, grow, and evolve once we have passed over. Our attempts and efforts here in the physical world to love, to forgive, and to make positive choices and wise decisions are being observed and watched by those on the other side who need to learn similar lessons.

Our thanks to Sherrie for her guest post! For more from Sherrie Dillard, read her article “What is your Medium Type?.”

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