Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Michelle Arbeau, author of the new Energy of Words.

Michelle Arbeau

We’re all intuitive and receive intuitive messages constantly; yet, for many of us, our rational mind kicks in and squashes the sweet voice of intuition before it ever stands a chance of being heard.

The mind (ego) doubts what it doesn’t understand and isn’t keen on accepting anything on blind faith. Intuition is about trusting our inner guidance system, a knowing that can be felt on all levels yet cannot be proven in the tangible sense. The key is to trick the mind into thinking the intuitive messages are fact. How do we do this? Simply try on each scenario through visualization.

I’ve used this trick for many years with much success. It calms the ego and allows your intuitive voice to be heard loud and clear. If you find yourself doubting your intuition, use visualization to try on both sides of the situation.

Let’s say you just heard about a great new job opportunity that was posted at your work. Your gut instantly says, “YES!” but your mind chimes in and says, “That job is way out of your league.” The battle of ego versus spirit could continue indefinitely, causing you to miss the boat on a great job. Here’s the trick to nix that battle in the bud:

Imagine yourself in the new job. Really get into it and experience it fully. How does it feel? Does it feel like the right thing for you? Now imagine yourself staying in your current job and passing up the job opportunity. How does that scenario feel? Write down all your feelings/thoughts associated with each scenario.

Using visualization and trying on your intuition erases the doubt that may have been present. The mind can’t argue with fact, and when you imagine yourself already in the job, the mind is much more apt to readily believe it is true. One other no-fail tip is to determine which side of the situation brings you a sense of relief. Do you feel relieved when you imagine passing up the job and staying where you are, or do you feel relief seeing yourself in the new position?

Next time you get an intuitive hunch, instead of doubting it, try it on for size!

Our thanks to Michelle for her guest post! For more from Michelle Arbeau, read her article “Change Your Life By Changing Your Words.”

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