Aquarius, The Water Bearer
January 20 to February 19

Modality: Fixed
Element: Air
Ruler: Uranus

Keywords: Unconventional, original, progressive, intellectual, compassionate, stubborn, isolated

As an Aquarius you are an enigmatic puzzle, a mix of the old and the new and of friendly and aloof. You are noted for your independence and strong will, but you are also stubborn (being a fixed sign). Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian, and you are generous with your time and money when helping others. You are also a communicator, being an air sign, though you do like your independence from others as well. You are intellectual, intuitive, and insightful.

The universal sign of friendship, Aquarians are often surrounded by several acquaintances, though few close friends; you are comfortable in large groups of people at clubs and gatherings, despite gender or background. In love, you might play the field, as you search for variety. Communication is key for you in your romantic relationships; you could do well with your opposite sign, Leo, or with the other air signs, Gemini and Libra. Taurus and Scorpio could provide a relationship clash with their possessiveness. Your family life is traditional, staying in close touch with relatives. Be careful of clutter in the home, as some Aquarians have trouble letting go of collectibles or knick-knacks.

When it comes to careers, Aquarians are both naive and practical (again with the duality). Learn to live within a realistic budget, as at times it may seem that it is feast or famine with money; doing so you can do well financially in the long-term. An Aquarius enjoys a calm working environment, and likely will spend their lifetime in one career.

You are generally a homebody, though you do enjoy a weekend getaway now and again.

For the year ahead:

Affirmation: Balancing home and career is challenging but rewarding.

  • Jupiter begins this year in Cancer (your sixth house), where it has been since last summer. You may have found yourself focused on your career and workplace these past months, though that focus switches to your personal relationships when Jupiter moves into Leo in July. This will likely be a fortuitous time for these relationships and “chance” encounters.
  • Uranus continues its seven-transit of Aries, where it will remain until 2018. Communication is highlighted, between friends, neighbors, and family. In general, this transit is good for community involvement.
  • Saturn spends the year in Scorpio, your tenth house of Career. With this transit lasting until the end this year, use this time wisely; you will be in the center of attention at the workplace, so make sure your actions are all to your advantage. (You can also tap into Jupiter’s luck that it brings to the workplace for the first half of the year.)
  • Pluto spends the entire year in Capricorn, where it will transit until 2024 (your twelfth house). Pluto will, in some way, transform your life in the coming years, heightening your intuition and helping you transform your life for the healthier and the better.
Written by Anna
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