Aries, The Ram
March 20 to April 19

Modality: Cardinal
Element: Fire
Ruler: Mars

Keywords: Initiative, action, adventurous, enthusiastic, dynamic, impatient

As an Aries you are a born leader, eager to take the initiative and be a leader. Be careful, though, as you tend to be impatient; this trait can get the better of you at times. You are energetic, and fiery Mars ensures that you are good at what you try. Sports and exercise for you are relaxing and help you free your mind.

You have a wide social circle, though it is mostly comprised of acquaintances, rather than close friends. Your love life is nurtured by your energy and enthusiasm, which is helpful being that you place a lot of value on relationships and partnerships. You likely have a strong need for children, but be careful that you don’t dote too much on your kids. Be sure to spend your time (not your money) on them.

Your enthusiasm and motivation translates well to your career, and you are mindful to keep moving up the ladder. You excel at analysis with an eye for detail; be sure that your impatience doesn’t hinder your good career prospects. You have excellent earning potential and can do well with long-term investments; make sure that you look before you leap when diving into a large financial risk. You are frugal and understand value.

For the year ahead:

Affirmation: Aim before you fire! Please!

  • Jupiter spends the first half of 2014 in your fourth house (cancer). This transit is good for organization and home repairs, and could even signal an addition (perhaps a room, perhaps a person!) to your home. Jupiter moves into Leo on July 16; the latter half of this year, you will see your focus shift to fun and recreation—everyone’s favorite!
  • Saturn continues its course through Scorpio (your eighth house of joint resources) since October 2012. This is a great time to pay down debt and examine your family spending, saving, and budgeting.
  • Uranus again spends the year in your sign (it remains in Aries until 2018). Here in your first house, you may feel a new, more independent side of your self emerging, or a desire to change your appearance drastically.
  • Pluto is now in its fourth year in Capricorn, your tenth house, and continues its powerful influence on career during its long transit (lasting until 2024). This placement can help you achieve ambitious career goals, but it can also signify trouble at work (think personality clashes or downsizing). With Pluto in your tenth house, be aware of what is going on at your workplace.
Written by Anna
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