Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Debi Chestnut, author of Is Your House Haunted? and How to Clear Your Home of Ghosts and Spirits.

As a paranormal investigator, it’s my job to help people with their ghost problems. What a lot of people don’t realize is that they can often handle their paranormal issues by themselves.

In my new book, How to Clear Your Home of Ghosts and Spirits, I’ve taken my thirty-plus years of experience dealing with paranormal entities and put it into a “how to” guide for homeowners or business owners who are dealing with an unwanted ghost or spirit.

I believe one of the most important pieces of information this book contains is that fear is the enemy when dealing with paranormal entities; you must be calm and proactive in reclaiming what is rightfully yours—namely, your home or business.

I know, easier said than done—and I understand that. However, you have to look at whether you’re being harmed or are simply just scared. (If you or someone in your family is being harmed by a paranormal entity, then you should seek the advice of a qualified paranormal investigator immediately.) However, if you’re just being scared or startled by a ghost or spirit and no one is being physically harmed, then you may be able to deal with the entity yourself. The easiest method for getting rid of a ghost is to simply talk to it and explain that it needs to leave and go into the light. You’d be surprised how many times this method works!

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of How to Clear Your Home of Ghosts and Spirits to find out more about this method and other ways you can safely deal with an unwanted spectral house guest!

Happy Hauntings!

Our thanks to Debi for her guest post! For more from Debi Chestnut, read her article “How to Get Rid of a Ghost: 3 Easy Ways.”

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