An Innate Psychic Power

Clairvoyance begins as an innate, natural Psychic Power that can—and should be—developed into a true and reliable Psychic Skill.  

There is a difference between any innate power and the developed skill. We are all born with many natural physical, mental, and psychic attributes that not only differ among us but also in how those differences arise and in how they may be developed and enhanced. Some of us are born with the right DNA and genetic programming to become physically strong while others may remain “90-pound weaklings” unless we train and develop those weak muscles into strong ones.

Still, even with lots of training and development work, that former 90-pound weakling may never be the equal of a famed muscle man like actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. But every effort at self-improvement counts! In a later incarnation, the body may have a “head start” similar to that beach muscle man that was the envy of the 90-pound weakling. Or, that weaker man may not give a hoot about being physically strong when he far outclasses muscle man in mental and psychic attributes.

The Next Step in Human Evolution

Clairvoyance is a natural power rarely developed beyond the “90-pound weakling” stage. A few are born with strong clairvoyant ability, but even their powers can become stronger and more reliable through intentional training and developmental programs. For all of us, such self-development leads to a NEXT STEP in Human Evolution. We all have the potential to become more than we are and an obligation to become all that we can be.

We are here to Become more than we are!

The “Next Step” begins and continues with many small steps, among which are the simple realization that we are not finished products. Our present human development, in all its variations across billions of individuals, is the result of not thousands but millions and even billions of years of tiny progressions from a far distant beginning towards an ideal goal. That Biblical reference to “created in His image” is a metaphor for a developmental program that culminates in the realization of Divine Immanence, or as Anodea Judith phrases it in her The Global Heart Awakens, “we are gods and goddesses in the making.”

Human Evolution has nothing to do with Creationism or Intelligent Design! If we were the result of such instant Divine Intervention as portrayed in the story of Adam and Eve, we would have no need for all the complexities and apparent imperfections of Body, Mind, and Soul omnipresent throughout human history and in the present day birth defect, disease, aging, abuse and crime, conflict and suffering, stultifying unintelligent name-calling and insult-exchanging debates among the stupid ravings of Priests, Ministers, and Politicians. Such is the reality of Biblical Myth when treated as historic fact.

“In the Beginning was the Word”

Myth is the “pre-scientific” attempt to explain the world as observed by people in a given locality at a given “pre-historic” time. The story told in myth is not incorrect, but it is imagination at work and is poetic in expression. In our age, we don’t explain things in symbol and metaphor, so we need to translate mythic expression into the most comparable language. To my thinking “the Word” spoken in Genesis becomes “Program” in today’s world of technology and computer software systems. A program is a long sequence of steps, many of which—as in financial and scientific algorithms—are themselves a series of alternative actions of “if this, than that” or “if not, then try again.”

Simply speaking, such a concept changes the meaning of so-called “Intelligent Design” and gives new meaning to the singular Creation of the “Big Bang.” In the Big Bang we the near instant creation of the multi-dimensional “Outer World” of the Cosmos that continues to expand through “Cosmic Inflation.” “Intelligent Design” is the program that guides and gives meaning to “Darwinian” evolution’s “survival of the fittest” as it applies to the Inner World—not just of the psyche but of all “Life” in form and consciousness within the Cosmos.

Incidentally, the word “universe” applies only to the “material” inter-changing Energy← →Matter dimension of the Cosmos, and not including the subtle “higher” dimensions known as astral, mental, causal, and spiritual within which life as consciousness evolves.

Within the Universe, instead of instant creation of all there is, we have a series of tiny steps in the evolutionary chain of trial and error, and for the few survivors to again step through trial and error with the few success to again attempt to survive and adapt in an ever-changing and challenging planetary environment far unlike any mythic Garden of Eden. Each small step forward from the beginning hostile environment of boiling and chemical-laden seas to the first living cells was a slow building on past successes and progressing to further survival of the fittest adapting to successively form compounds, cells, forms and structures. Each one a small step forward among many failures.

Over billions of years, the human person of today is the result of all those tiny steps, and each adaptation has left a memory imprint in not only our physical DNA but in every aspect of our non-physical astral, mental, causal, and comprehensive spiritual being. The composite being that each of is reflects the struggle of the past as the background to the actions and decisions of the present life.

To Gain Clear Seeing

When Dr. Joe Slate and I began our work on Clairvoyance for Psychic Empowerment, I puzzled over the standard definition of Clairvoyance as “clear seeing.” Not far seeing or future seeing (which, along with aura seeing are the most popular “apps” of Clairvoyance), but CLARITY of seeing. Thinking about what I’d read about famous clairvoyants over nearly 70 years of esoteric and paranormal studies (and personal practice) I recalled the nearly universal reference to the necessity for “purity” in Theosophical and Eastern literature. What the teachers and gurus most commonly insisted was that such required purity demands a vegetarian (actually, vegan) diet and total sexual abstinence, hence the focus on “above the belt” as one traveling lecturer admonished. I had to explore “why” and the “alternatives.”

With further thought and meditation, and conversations with Dr. Jonn Mumford (see reading list at end of chapter) I concluded that five basic elements of our present life structure contain “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” of our cumulative past that shapes and clouds our clairvoyant vision, and that a careful program of meditation and visualization on the Compounded Tattvic symbols would “purify” the energetic influences affecting the subtle body and energy system (chakras). It is this intentional clarification, rather than any “morally” tainted self-denials, that brings about the CLARITY needed for clear seeing clairvoyance that can be relied on to give true visions of the aura, of distant actions, of future events, and thus enabling a person to act intelligently with honest insights.

A Complete Program of Psychic Clarification based on ancient Tantric Science

A half-century ago, a little recognized American occultist named Ophiel told me that the greatest contribution from the eastern world to western esotericism was the Hindu Tantric practices involving the “Tattvas.” Later I learned that the tattvas had been incorporated into the magical practices of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the late 1800s. And then, in 1971, a brilliant Australian teacher and Tantric initiate, Dr. Jonn Mumford, taught me how to activate the tattvas in my own mind. And why!

What are these Tattvas? They are the five fundamental elements that are the Energy Patterns behind the manifestation of the entire physical Universe and the non-physical Cosmos. They are present—beneath your conscious awareness—in body and mind and throughout the Cosmos. In essence, we live in two worlds simultaneously—the outer world and a true inner world of personal consciousness functioning as a “matrix” interfacing with your world of body, mind, and spirit. These two worlds commonly get “out of sync” with one another at fundamental energy levels. This disharmony can start us on paths to ill-health, destructive habits, irrational decisions, and even social and civil conflict. But when we consciously awaken the “Tattva Connection” through meditation and visualization practices, we restore natural harmony between the inner and outer worlds, and open the way to accelerating psychic, mental, and spiritual development.

It is through the meditation & visualization program included in Clairvoyance for Psychic Empowerment that your clairvoyance will become clear and accurate at the astral and mental levels through the awakened “Tattva Connection” resulting in purification and harmonization between the inner and outer matrices. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn taught that tattva meditation is the fastest method of developing and enhancing clairvoyance.

A Complete and Comprehensive text that is near encyclopedic in depth while remaining a fascinating and inspirational journey in psychic development and spiritual growth.  That was the goal of our year-long project, and we believe that we were have successfully accomplished the mission.

Clairvoyance to Psychic Empowerment

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