Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Billy Roberts, author of The Holistic Way and the new Ghostly Tales.

Today the subject of angels is extremely popular, with no end of books containing the anecdotal accounts of peoples’ individual experiences. However, here is one angelic account that has caused mystery and intrigue and today still continues baffle even the most ardent sceptic.

From as far back as the Great Plague in Britain in 1665, hundreds of sightings of the so-called “Angel of the Thames” have been reported by ordinary people. King Charles 11 and the famous diarist Samuel Pepys are reported to have also seen the angelic manifestation. Through both world wars right up to the present day, thousands of people have witnessed the celestial apparition who always appears, in full view of everyone, across the waters of the River Thames.

In 1865, dozens of workmen excavating the Thames embankment witnessed the Angelic Apparition, and after there were sightings of the Angel over the Tower of London, again seen by hundreds of onlookers.

More currently the Angel of the Thames has been witnessed by hundreds of people at Waterloo Bridge, and with the sophisticated photographic equipment available today, there are many photographs and video footage to confirm the sightings. The apparition is thought to be the manifestation of an Archangel, a celestial being who takes care of nations (unlike an ordinary angel who is believed to look after individual people).

The Angel of the Thames is in fact still seen by thousands of tourists every year, who travel from all over the world just to see the celestial apparition.

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Our thanks to Billy for his guest post! For more from Billy Roberts, read his article “Are Paranormal Occurrences Real, or Are They a Trick of the Mind?.”

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