Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Bernie Ashman, author of Sun Signs and Past Lives, SignMates, and the new Intuition and Your Sun Sign.

I have been intrigued by the Neptune in Pisces cycle that started April 4th, 2011, and which will be with us into 2026. Neptune spends about fourteen years in an astrological sign, and it happens to also be the ruler of Pisces. Both the planet Neptune and the sign Pisces are part of the water element, which is directly connected to intuition. I have noticed in astrological charts that Neptune has been a key player for artists, healers, and those practicing the metaphysical arts. The last time Neptune was in Pisces was in the 19th century (1847-1861), which is when impressionism started to rise as an art form in Europe. The Neptune in Pisces cycle prior to that gave birth to much of the modern metaphysics that we are enjoying today!

The current Neptune in Pisces cycle is what inspired my new book, Intuition and Your Sun Sign. The evolution of intuition as a growing necessity for each of us to get more out of everyday life is on the rise. I said in my previous Llewellyn guest blog post (shared in 2010 with the release of Sun Signs and Past Lives), that I was an optimistic Sagittarius. I still am! The world is slowly recognizing that developing an inner awareness is just as vital as outer success. Tapping into a greater use of our intuition is good for our health and for finding the harmony we seek. Our mental insights are sharper when allowing intuition to guide our thought processes. The creative process when guided by intuition can lead to exciting new discoveries.

Before I started writing Intuition and Your Sun Sign, I realized that there were not many astrology books previously published that addressed intuition as a major theme; intuition simply was not covered in great depth. I wanted to connect the concept of planetary energy traveling along paths in our consciousness to what (in acupuncture) are known as meridians. I thought it would be interesting to show how the planets move along the meridians to stimulate our creative self-expression and increase our mental clarity. I show in my new book that no matter what your Sun sign, you can benefit intuitively by growing in awareness of each of the planetary meridians. What I found interesting that while writing this new book that my own intuitive awareness intensified and I felt pushed to keep trusting my intuition. I am hoping that my new book will do the same thing for my readers!

Our thanks to Bernie for his guest post! For more from Bernie Ashman, read his article “Planetary Meridians: 10 Gateways to Empowered Intuition.”

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