Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Sonja Sadovsky, author of the new Priestess and the Pen.

The wheel turns, and another Samhain is upon us. As usual, I am swamped with work, as I try desperately to wrap up everything I need to complete before heading into the dark time. In Florida, we do not have the beautiful fall colors and brisk autumn wind to signal the season, but there is a perceptible energetic shift that occurs at this time, a tension similar to drawing back a sling shot and holding onto it for a few minutes before letting the stone fly into the night.

Before the year unwinds, the pressure builds. It’s culling time, it is the season to finish the projects that can be completed, table those that deserve attention at a later time, and kill the ones that will not bear fruit. I find myself constantly busy, and I am grateful for it. The activity distracts me from thinking of the friends I have lost this year, and the silence that replaces the sound of our laughter. Decisive action has been my antidote to lonely thoughts, and keeps me moving forward.

Soon however, even the most elusive tasks will be completed. The dark season will bring with it all of the introspection and regret that had burnt away in the summer’s warmth. Hopefully these thoughts will have lost the sharpness of fresh grief, though I suspect this dull ache shall continue as winter settles in. Everything runs its course in time, projects, relationships, and even mourning. The challenge is ending the cycle in order for a new endeavor to commence. Fortunately, for those who observe it, Samhain offers the perfect energy to facilitate rapid transition, and signals the beginning of respite and renewal. Use the tension of the season to your advantage. Finish your work with swiftness, and cut out the things that waste your time. Listen and be open, as some messages can only be revealed in silence. Beyond the gates of death, but not yet at the season of quickening and new growth, old friends and future born whisper secrets to those with ears to hear them.

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