Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Sherrie Dillard, author of the new Discover Your Psychic Type, Love and Intuition, You Are a Medium, and the new Develop Your Medical Intuition.

Soon into my career as a psychic and medium, clients asked me to give them my intuitive impressions about their health. These questions ranged from a general health overview to more specific questions about an illness or pain. Although I was intuitive and confident of my abilities from an early age, when it came to health-related questions, I was resistant. Intuiting energy information about relationships or finances and communicating with the other side seemed more straightforward and, frankly, less complicated. Like many people, I wondered if the domain of health was better left to medical professionals. However, my reservations soon gave way to enthusiastic participation as I witnessed the positive impact that intuitive information was having on my clients’ health and well-being.

You, too, may be intimidated by the idea of using your intuition in the area of health and well-being. Unlike the skills that a medical doctor may use in determining illness or the cause of pain, intuition can seem elusive and hard to pin down. Yet, medical intuition does not diagnose or provide medical services. Instead, the paradigm of medical intuition includes a vast array of energy information, such as the present and future condition of the physical body and how negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and unhealed emotions may be impacting your health. It uncovers and reveals information and influences that conventional medicine cannot easily detect or fully understand. Your physical body is always communicating to you, and everyone has the innate intuitive ability to tune into and discern its messages.

To better understand the difference between approaching health-related issues primarily through the thinking mind and accessing health information through intuitive awareness, try this.

Ask yourself the following question (or a similar health-related question): How can I improve my heath, or what do I need to do to stay healthy? Think about this question then write down your thoughts and feelings. When you are have finished, sit quietly and breathe. Take long cleansing inhales and exhale any stress and tension.

Send a thought message to your body that you would like to communicate with it. You may want to put your hand on your heart or solar plexus and send your body love and support as you listen and tune in.

In this quiet and meditative state, ask yourself the same question: How can I improve my heath, or what do I need to do to stay healthy?

Close your eyes and listen. Pay attention to any sensations, impressions, thoughts, feelings, or images that surface. Continue to breathe and listen within. When you receive an intuitive message or insight, do not overthink it. Accept what you receive, even if it does not make sense, and write it down.

You will likely discover that your intuition offers valuable and surprising insights.

Our thanks to Sherrie for her guest post! For more from Sherrie Dillard, read her article “Intuiting Your Way to Good Health.”

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