Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Melanie Marquis, author of A Witch’s World of Magick, The Witch’s Bag of Tricks, the forthcoming Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot (available in September), and co-author of the new Witchy Mama.

The weather is warming and the flowers are blooming, inviting us to get outdoors and bask in the beauty of nature. For parents, it’s a time of relief as we can finally give ourselves as well as our children that much-needed fresh air and freedom we long for after the often insatiable boredom of huddling indoors throughout winter’s bitter chill. Spending time outside centers us and relaxes us, recharges and rejuvenates us. It keeps us in touch with the magickal world and strengthens the magick that lives within us. One fun way to celebrate the sunshine and simultaneously build up your psychic skills and witchy abilities is with a magickal scavenger hunt.

The hunt can take many forms and be either easy or difficult, casual or elaborate. It might be spontaneous or planned well in advance. If you have children, invite them to get in on the action, as this is a great game to share. A scavenger hunt is more fun with more people, so call your friends and family over or get together with your Pagan or magick group. You’ll have better luck attracting a lot of participants if you host your event as a picnic that just happens to have a magickal scavenger hunt as a bonus. Ask your guests to bring a dish to share, and let them know that there will be a game to play and you will be awarding prizes to the winners. Be mysterious and don’t let them know exactly what they’ll be doing or what they can win.

Create a list of objects to be found in the scavenger hunt, selecting items that will require the hunters to utilize their magickal knowledge, creativity, or intuition. For instance, your list might call for “something that can be used in a love spell,” or “a plant aligned with the Fire element.” You might also hide an item such as a key, and ask the hunters to find the treasure using their intuition and psychic abilities. Give a small prize to everyone who takes part in the magickal scavenger hunt. Crystals, stones, stickers, or chocolates are usually inexpensive and appreciated.

Here is an example list of potential items for a magickal scavenger hunt you might try. Go outside and see how quickly you can acquire these items, then challenge your kids or your friends to do the same:

  • something that reminds you of the sun
  • something that symbolizes the air
  • something that reminds you of animals
  • something that symbolizes humans
  • a plant that could be used in a spell for defense
  • a plant that could be used in a charm for beauty
  • a rock that could be used in a spell for protection
  • a rock that could be used to attract success
  • something with a “heavy” energy
  • something with a “light” energy
  • a magick wand
  • a magickal crown, belt, or bracelet made from vines, grasses, flowers, or other items

Good luck and happy hunting!

For more magickal ways to play, see Witchy Mama by Melanie Marquis and Emily A. Francis.

Our thanks to Melanie for her guest post! For more from Melanie Marquis, read her article, “Remaining Magickal in the Midst of Chaos.”

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