Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Meghan Don, author of The New Divine Feminine.

The most beautiful thing for the human being to know is a natural confidence and self-worth, and yet, knowing our innate Goodness has not and does not come easy to us, no matter who we are, or our worldly achievements. My own journey with this has been long and ongoing and it intrigues me as to when confidence and self-worth are naturally present or when the lack of both show up. The question becomes, where do they reside and what makes them appear and disappear?

Women especially seem to be affected by this not-so-merry-go-round as many of us are still carrying the patriarchal wounds and/or the paradigm deep in our souls. We can point to the outer world as the culprit, but as we know, nothing outside can cause anything unless it already exists within. The work asked of us is an internal journey of discovering what we are still holding onto, and what needs updating in our own inner world. I have been surprised over and over as how bound to patriarchy I have been, unconsciously of course! This has caused a deep inner conflict as my feminine being has been gasping for air and life, and yet this other paradigm was overlaying everything—ugh! It is not exactly the prettiest of work, but it certainly is a powerhouse of energy once it is released and re-formed into a way more compatible with our feminine nature and with the world that is currently unfolding.

Comparing one’s self to another is also something I have encountered, both in myself and with the people I mentor. Teresa of Avila wrote that comparison sets ourselves up to be either inferior or superior—as we will always find people of greater and lesser consciousness—feeding our perception of lack or promoting a false confidence. Best to keep turning inward to who we are and what we are to bring to the world, no matter how small or large it is. Both small and larger missions have their difficulties.

Can we succeed in bringing through what is ours and have some measure of success in the world while maintaining our spiritual authenticity? I personally have had a very complex relationship with spirituality and success—too many past monastic lives and living out the victimhood of lack. Thank the Mother this has taken, and continues to take, a delightful turn for the better with a good deal of inner work!

The inner revealing that we embark upon opens the way to know our true nature, and this is where we start contacting the truth of our self-confidence and worth; this is where they reside, deep in our soul nature, where the true feminine and masculine energies are joined.

When I am in alignment with who I am, freely and creatively engaging in my life and with others, the thought of confidence or worth does not even appear; I am simply being and living. When I fall into a place of disconnection with my self, my life and the world, then those recriminatory voices of lack seem to very quickly resurrect. May we all continue reaching deep within and draw forth our true nature that is naturally confident, worthy, and all Goodness.

Our thanks to Meghan for her guest post! For more from Meghan Don, read her article, “Reclaiming the Dark Face of the Feminine Nature.”

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