Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Lasara Firefox Allen, author of the new Jailbreaking the Goddess.

This pen, this keyboard, these are my magickal tools. They are more powerful for me then a blade, a chalice, a candle, a besom, a bell. These are my tools that easily cut a doorway between worlds. They create new trajectories, finding a path where there was none before.

These tools are meta-magick: these tools create new tools. Tools in the form of words, prayers, stories of coming days toward which we may work. Weaving visions of more liberated, more just worlds, we seed potential. A spell here, a new word there, a new world over there. These are the magicks that transform effortlessly. Language is a virus. We infect, spreading liberation and empowerment.

I sit before my screen and dive in. I let my fingers work their prayers and incantations. Soon I am humming with the power of the word. I exist outside the confines of this moment. I am outside of time and space. I am in the cauldron. I am allowing creation to be wrought through me. I keep typing.

I am infused with spirit. Tears and laughter break free. I keep typing. I am a mad woman. I am in the throes of ecstasy, terror. I am at the molten core of transformation. I am a Witch, weaving new worlds.

May this work of creation serve the greater impulse toward liberation. May this song delivered through me allow for my own transformation, and for the transformation of others. May our stories be told. May the voices of Witches, and of women everywhere, rise up and be heard. May our primal, gut-heart-brain beings call for justice, and for understanding.

May this act benefit all beings.

Our thanks to Lasara for her guest post! For more from Lasara Firefox Allen, read her article, “How to Survive Waking Up.”

Written by Anna
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