Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Melanie Barnum, author of several books, including Psychic Abilities for Beginners, The Book of Psychic Symbols, and the new Llewellyn’s Little Book of Psychic Development.

If someone had told me twenty-five years ago that one day I would be a professional psychic and author, I would have told them that they were crazy. Never in a million years would I have thought it possible. After all, I had a good job, a rational job; I was an accountant. The two careers, shouldn’t be compatible, right? That’s what I thought at least, because I discounted the interest I had in the metaphysical world. I didn’t think that my pleasure in having a reading would ever transform into anything more than occasionally playing with some tarot cards. Little did I know that would all change for me, and that’s also how I know that it can change for you!

It seems like another lifetime when it felt like I was hit over the head and I heard the words, “You need to do this work now!” I doubted the validity of this other-worldly message, but knew I had to investigate into the psychic world, so I began learning and taking classes. I discovered I was able to develop my natural psychic abilities. I realized they absolutely were an intrinsic part of who I was, and almost more importantly, I realized I could help others discover their psychic gifts as well.

So, that’s what I’ve done over the past couple of decades, shown people they can connect to their own abilities. Through readings, workshops, and books, I’ve shared what I believe to be integral parts of life with others. Developing your psychic gifts can be as demanding or as casual as you allow it to be. It’s entirely up to you. When you open yourself up to your core, your fundamental essence, you will realize you’re connected to the other side and that your life will feel more fulfilled as you grow psychically.

Recognizing that you have already begun your journey, bonding with your intuition, will allow you to deepen that connection. One of the easiest ways to use your psychic abilities is to just begin opening to the possibility that you can do it. The next step is almost as simple: practice!

Understanding and defining what each gift entails can help you to develop them. Keep in mind that often, when tuning in, it will feel like your imagination rather than your psychic abilities. This is normal! Don’t worry! Just keep practicing and you will soon learn the difference, for the most part anyway. I’ve been doing this for almost twenty years, and I still question my own visions at times.

To assist you in diving in, here are some descriptions of what your potential psychic abilities are. Clairvoyance, or psychic sight, can present as seeing images in your mind’s eye. Clairaudience, psychic hearing, will allow you to hear sounds, songs and words internally. Feeling things psychically is clairsentience, and just “knowing” things you have no reason to know is claircognizance.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Relax and just be. Using your various psychic gifts, tune into the following questions—be honest and don’t censor any of the information that flows in!

  1. Imagine yourself in five years. Where are you and who are you with? (Use all of your psychic gifts)
  2. Visualize yourself in your ideal career. (Clairvoyance)
  3. Listen to the song that best describes your current situation. (Clairaudience)
  4. Feel the energy of your best friend. (Clairsentience)
  5. The next time you turn on the television, what will you see? (Claircognizance)

After you’ve answered everything, open your eyes and write it all down. Do your answers make sense? Was one question easier to tune into, one gift easier for you to access than another?

To continue developing your psychic abilities, create questions for yourself to answer or have a friend write some down and tune into them using all of your gifts. You may find that one becomes or is naturally stronger than another. This is normal!

Play with your psychic abilities and have fun with it! You can and will develop them this way!

Our thanks to Melanie for her guest post! For more from Melanie Barnum, read her article, “Ways to Recognize and Develop Your Psychic Abilities.”

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