Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Peter Smith, author of the new Quantum Consciousness: Journey Through Other Realms.

Have you ever wondered about other versions of ourselves that have taken a different path and live as another one of us?

Quantum Physics talks about alternate realities, where a decision we have made has taken us in two directions. The opportunity of this phenomenon is that we remain quantumly entangled with these other selves, because we share the same source (i.e., the timeline before it split in two).

For some years, I’ve been having conversations with these other selves as a way to trade learnings from the different paths we each took and my intention has always been to raise the vibration of both of us. Under a facilitated process that I call Quantum Consciousness I’ve helped many people discover wisdom and receive help from the “what if I had gone the other way…” questions.

We are incredible, multi-dimensional beings that carry greater learning and experience than we realize. What if we could combine the learnings of these “doppelgangers” as they have sometimes been called, with our own? Not just from the past, but also from future scenarios when we are caught at a decision point? What do these two futures hold? Which one would you prefer and select in the now, to make it your self-fulfilling prophecy?

So you might be thinking, how is this real? So I offer the two possible scenarios that makes it real for you, then more importantly, how to get there.

Scenario One is that you are tapping into two separate realities of your possible futures. You observe them and then decide which direction you want to create in this reality and timeline you are driving. This is all easily explained under Quantum Physics and expanding your awareness beyond the time and space of here.

Scenario Two is that you are just using your imagination, drawing on your subconscious mind. As a long time Hypnotherapist and consciousness researcher, I can tell you that the patterns and beliefs you hold in the subconscious will influence the free will that takes your life in a certain direction anyway. As you “imagine” the two possible outcomes, both are within your power to create. You just choose one and set that as a goal.

So here’s how to do it…

It is really helpful if you are an experienced meditator; otherwise, it is easier if someone helps you do this who has been trained in the Quantum Consciousness techniques or, at the very least, hypnotherapy.

Take yourself into a deep meditative state and expand your consciousness beyond your body. Move across time and space and explore each of the realities. Ask to be shown that other you and even have a conversation with him or her and ask their advice. Then return to the present moment and make notes on what you discovered.

It’s a technique that takes quite some practice, though can be a game changer for you.

Remember, there is so much more to you than just this linear, physical reality. Safe travels!

Our thanks to Peter for his guest post! For more from Peter Smith, read his article, “Through Space and Time, We Hold the Power to Our Own Greatness.”

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