Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Amy B. Scher, author of How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can and the new How to Heal Yourself from Anxiety When No One Else Can.

Anxiety is often described to me as a deep-seated feeling that something bad is happening or is about to happen. And this is actually quite accurate because something bad is happening—but it’s not at all what you think.

Anxiety comes from your body being in “freak-out” mode, not because of what’s happening outside of you but because of what’s stuck inside of you. While external circumstances outside of your control certainly may trigger you, that is not the actual origin of anxiety.

The feeling of anxiety arises because your body is trying so hard to keep old emotional baggage contained, and it’s just too much for anyone to hold. Anxiety manifests when stored emotional energy is trying to bubble up and out. Anxiety is not simply caused by fear. Anxiety can be caused by any emotional baggage that you have not dealt with. But today I’m going to teach you how release to start releasing these old triggered emotions right away.

How Anxiety Shows Up in Your Life
Now that you understand that anxiety is not always fear, it’s important to know that it doesn’t always show up in obvious ways. In fact, many people have anxiety and yet have absolutely none of the typical symptoms you might imagine. Anxiety can manifest in ways you may not even be aware of, including the following:

  • Negative, compulsive, or obsessive thoughts
  • Needing to be in control of life and others
  • Inability to relax
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Being too hard on yourself (self-critical)
  • Being moody
  • Physical symptoms

A Technique To Start Healing Now
One of my favorite quick techniques for helping release stuck emotions in the body is Thymus Tapping.

The thymus gland is the master gland of the body’s immune system and is connected to the entire energy system; it is so powerful that it can work as a stress modulator when stimulated.

A lot of people are naturally drawn to the thymus area when they are feeling anxious and don’t even realize that their body is trying to help them tend to this special gland. Do you ever “flutter” your chest with your hands when you’re upset?

Tapping the thymus gland using your fingertips is a powerful way to release anxiety and the emotions that cause it. Simply tap with medium pressure while you breathe deeply and tune into the anxiety. Don’t try to push it away; allow it to be. Tapping will help usher it out of your body if you allow it to come up.

Aim to use this technique often, for thirty seconds to a few minutes at a time. Like I teach my clients, if you have to feel anxious temporarily, you might as well release it at the same time. Now, thanks to this simple technique, you’ll always only be a few taps away from feeling calmer and lighter. Ahhh, better already, right?

Our thanks to Amy for her guest post! For more from Amy B. Scher, read her article, “3 Quick Practices to Calm Anxiety.”

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