Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Leeza Robertson, author of Tarot Court Cards for Beginners, and Tarot Reversals for Beginners, and The Mermaid Tarot.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your very own mermaid tail? Imagine yourself sitting at the ocean’s edge, with your newly formed tail sparkling in the sunlight, watching its iridescent colors bounce and twist into a hypnotic montage. Contemplate for a second what your tail would feel like. Think about the way it moves differently from your human legs. See if you can feel the muscles as you move your tail around. Now imagine the freeness you feel as you dive into the water and start to swim.

Your mermaid tail can teach you a lot about flexibility and about how you move through all aspects of your daily life. To be flexible means finding ways to keep growing or, in this case, keep swimming. Flexibility also means never getting stuck and can show us to see possibilities where others only see obstacles. In fact, your mermaid tail can tell you so much about your current level of flex, which is why I have devised this very simple five-card spread. This spread will allow you to see what sort of energy is flowing through your mermaid tail and just how flexible you are with it. The cards you pull for this spread will show you if you need to build more muscle, lean more into the waves, or if you just might need to go with the flow.

Mermaid Tail Spread

Card One: Where does your mind need to be more flexible?

Card Two: How do you need to be more flexible with your health?

Card Three: Where can you be more flexible with your finances?

Card Four: How does my current level of flexibility affect those around you?

Card Five: Where can I make improvements with flexibility in my daily life?

Remember, this simple spread is meant to be fun. So visualize your mermaid self sitting with your mermaid cards just having a chat with your tail about the lessons in flexibility.

Happy Swimming 🙂

Our thanks to Leeza for her guest post! For more from Leeza Robertson, read her article, “Mermaid Wisdom for the Creative Soul.”

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