Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Bryn Blankinship, author of The Limitless Soul.

Bryn BlankinshipWhat makes you happy? What is your useful purpose in life?

Over many years of practice as a transpersonal hypnotherapist specializing in past life and spiritual regression, a common complaint of clients is that they are not happy. Many are seeking happiness outside of themselves, while others aren’t taking time to nurture their own happiness along with helping others in their life with theirs. Oftentimes they have lost sight of their purpose or they are so focused on the past or future that they are not truly enjoying the present moment. My goal is to help them to find purpose in their lives by taking them deep within to where they hold the answers to their own healing.

In Chapter Four (“Taking the Path of Contemplation”) of my book, The Limitless Soul, my client discovers that in a past life as a monk named Henry, his useful purpose was baking bread for his brothers at the monastery and being of service to them and to the community. He was meticulous with his bread recipes and enjoyed spending time baking different kinds of breads. This parallels his current life, where he enjoys spending time perfecting recipes for the brews he serves at a chain of pubs he owns. He also recognizes his connection to his family, community, and nature as ways of sharing spirituality without the need for a formalized church.

In that past life, Henry as a younger monk spent time under his “thinking tree,” ruminating over the loss of his family prior to joining the monastery and working through angry feelings surrounding those events. Later in his life, the tree served as an anchor for him to quietly ponder and reconnect to the Earth.

This “Thinking Tree Meditation” is a way readers can take the path of contemplation to connect to their own happiness by discovering their useful purpose.

Find a quiet spot under a tree that feels “right” to sit under and recharge. Sit with your back against the tree. Let your bare feet touch the earth.

Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Observe.

Listen to the sounds you hear.

Feel the breeze and the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Where are you in your thinking—the past, present, or future? Bring your thoughts into the present.

Bring your attention to the tree and feel its wisdom connecting with your innate ability to connect with your soul’s wisdom. Can you feel its energy boost as it connects with yours?

Allow the tree’s energy to help you find answers to your questions. Let the tree lift the weight of worry from your spirit and send it up into the light.

Allow yourself to relax, knowing that the answers you seek are available. As you tune inward, you will know what it is that you need to know and what to do next.

Tune in and recharge. Let it help you to recognize your useful purpose and bring you joy.

Our thanks to Bryn for her guest post! For more from Bryn Blankinship, read her article “Spiritual Regression: Why Are You Here?.”

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