Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Roland Comtois, author of Signs of Spirit.

Roland ComtoisMessages from our loved ones come and go—or at least that’s what we think. We feel them. We hear them. We see them clearly in our dreams. Then, everything changes. There are moments when the communication between us gets a little shaky, and this may be followed by silence, no communication. We believe the connection has disappeared and they are no longer able to reach our realm. We become confused, and often it rattles us to our core. But, there is a reason for all of this.

My mother, Theresa, passed some 7 years ago. I don’t always hear her voice anymore. I do not see her as much as used to, nor does she visit my dreams as routinely as she did shortly after she passed away.

As time goes on, there is a deep and profound evolution in the relationship between us and our departed loved one. That’s right…I said it…relationship. Relationships change. They just do.

I realized that when my mother was alive, I didn’t see her every day, and that was okay. I didn’t even speak to her every night, but I thought of her all the time. Our relationship evolved over the years, as it does when our loved one has passed. I always know that she is there. I feel her right now as I type words into my blog. We had, and still have. an undeniable connection—relationship—and love for each other.

Love, as I have stated many times before, is by far the greatest communicator between two people. Sons and daughters, friends and best friends, fathers and grandfathers, all have a common energetic thread. It is the essence of love that allows the communication to be continued, even when we don’t feel it.

Give this a try for a moment. Ready? Close your eyes, still your mind; think of someone that has passed away and hold the feeling of peace. I would say just experience the knowing…the love…the oneness that exists between you and your departed loved one. You can do this. Keep doing this exercise until you befriend the silent and still mind—a peaceful place. The still mind is the connector to the energy of love, the memories of your loved ones, and the enhanced communications with those that have passed. The overall goal is that, after a fair amount of practice, the still mind becomes comfortable and easy to attain. It is the best pathway for spiritual communication.

Three things to remember:

  1. Getting messages is not an all-night drive through. When the messages come. Hold on to them. Sit with them and remember them.
  2. Practice peace and patience. Remember to close your eyes and find that peaceful place within.
  3. Be in the knowing. Knowing that my mom is there beats any sign (such as a butterfly or dragonfly or blue jay soaring by). The knowing is constant and comforting all at the same time.

When we live in the knowing and experience the still mind, all that we need, including messages from our loved ones, is within the evolution of our love for each other.

Our thanks to Roland for his guest post! For more from Roland Comtois, read his article “Signs of Spirit: The Connection Remains.”

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