Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Kristy Robinett, author of several books, including It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, Tails from the Afterlife, and the new Born Under a Good Sign.

My interest in the zodiac began in my early years when my eyes wandered away from the comic section of the newspaper to the horoscopes. It continued into college when I did a paper in my psychology class on the differing personality types according to the astrological signs. One day after class my psychology professor handed me a flyer.

“I thought you might be interested in this class,” she said. “It’s not connected to school, but after reading your passion in the paper, I had to share.”

The flyer read, “Everyday Astrology,” and the class was scheduled to begin the very next day. I wasn’t good at being spontaneous. I’m the type who needs to mentally prepare myself before I go anywhere. I will often still mentally sabotage it to find an excuse to not go, and then work myself up to go, and so the cycle continues, back and forth. It’s exhausting—and also very typical of a Scorpio, as I would discover when I decided to be uncharacteristically impulsive and go to the class.

The class was held in a nearby village on the outskirts of Detroit. It was a town that was lovingly eclectic, a bit hippie and bohemian. Spotting the address on the flyer, I was relieved that I was able to pull right into the parallel parking spot along the tree-lined street. I stood on the sidewalk for a moment and took in the energy of the location. It was a yellow bungalow with bright green shutters. A large sign that read OPEN lit up the window, but there was nothing notable as to what the business even was. I decided to accept the fluorescent invitation anyhow.

The white paint was chipping away on the walls of the narrow stairwell as I climbed the steps two at a time, following the arrows on a sign that said, “Follow the Energy.” It led me to a large and brightly lit classroom that smelled of patchouli incense. The room was painted in a beautiful sapphire color with white trim. There was no furniture, just pillows, blankets, and rugs on which to sit. I carefully watched fellow students pile in; a total of twelve of us sat in a circle. A woman walked by and dimmed the lights. Her long, silver hair was piled loosely and clipped on top of her head.

“Welcome,” she smiled. “My name is Marian.” Her voice was raspy, like a 1950s lounge singer. “I see you’ve found a seat. Look at the color pillow you chose, as even that isn’t random. It’s also not random that each one of you represents each of the signs of the zodiac, and some of you recently registered for the class. There are no coincidences.”

The class gasped in amazement.

Through the wisdom of my studies, I discovered that the people we embrace, the jobs we choose, and even the clothes we buy are all a part of who we are. We each have our own individual energy, much like a fingerprint, and nothing is random. Adding to that energy are influences, and then there’s the foundation of our astrological sign that creates yet another layer—kind of like the cherry on the top of the sundae. There may be twelve astrological signs, but within each sign are more and more doors to discover, the information multitudinous. Use the knowledge—don’t make the knowledge fit.

For years I used the astrological insight to help create successful practices in my human resource career, in a very mainstream way. In the middle of an economic downfall, when my astrological chart told me not to quit my day job, I bucked the system (and the horoscope advice) and quit my day job to open an office as a psychic medium, author, and inspirational speaker. My friend, an attorney by day and an astrologer by night, warned me that my planets, houses, moons, and transitions weren’t aligned for a positive outcome. To me, though, it felt right. Was it simple luck or trusting the energy and intuition that I landed on my two feet instead of smashing my face into the proverbial celestials?

Helping my clients to overcome their fears and obstacles in individual, group, and corporate settings has been a passion of mine, especially when it includes all that the zodiac teaches—especially the cherry on top.

Our intuition gauge never lies, but our assumptions fib something fierce. Just because you dated a terrible Leo doesn’t mean that all Leos are terrible. Just because your best friend is a fabulous Capricorn doesn’t mean that all Capricorns are fabulous. There’s so much more to mere astrology than what meets the eye. Just as reading the jacket of the book doesn’t give you its full content, neither do the stereotypes of the zodiac. Understanding the energy of each zodiac sign provides you with greater understanding, so that you’re able to facilitate a better future for yourself.

Our thanks to Kristy for her guest post! For more from Kristy Robinett, read her article “5 Ways Your Stuff Is Keeping You Stuck.”

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Born Under a Good Sign, by Kristy Robinett
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