Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Jolie DeMarco, author of the new High-Vibe Crystal Healing.

We all want love in our lives, and it’s about time we enhance our body’s frequency to attract the love vibes we want and deserve! Here are three powerful crystals to attract the love you desire.

First, we need to clear your energy of any old relationship debris. Hey, who wants to be around a person that complains or holds a bunch of old baggage? No one! Let’s get you cleared before we bring in someone new to your life. If you are stressed to the max and can’t seem to shake the blues, let me guide you to cleaning those old vibrations you are holding. Let’s create some attractive, loving vibes to replace the junk!

Listen, you may know this already, but like attracts like—especially when it comes to frequencies connecting. Think of it like this: have you ever been in a group of people and one person starts talking about a fabulous event that happened to them? Yes? Okay, good. Then, one by one, other people want to tell their great stories, too. Think about it: positive people will most likely jump in and join the flow of the conversation. The majority of people will usually stay steady and stick to the lead vibration of what was being shared. Positive talk attracts more positive talk, as do positive thoughts. They are frequencies. They are vibrations that go out and are heard or felt. It’s kind of like programming the people near them. Frequencies exist, even though we do not visually see them. They are out there. (As an example: cell phone frequencies are unseen, but heard though your phone as you answer the call because the frequencies were connected, and then your phone made a ringing noise.) Okay; I think you’ve got it.

If you want to attract a good person in your life, a happy person or one of a certain caliber that you choose, you can change your frequency to attract a person that is similar to your frequency. This is one reason it is important to cleanse your energy first, if needed. This way you can create a positive energy coming from you and of what you want to attract. You can do this with using crystals. Crystals hold and share their frequencies with us humans! The use of crystals promote a natural healing and adjust a person’s auric fields.

So, now that you have cleared your energy, how can you attract love? Simple. Take my love crystal challenge and see for yourself! Notice and feel how your energy changes as your frequency for attracting love is apparent to yourself and others.

Here is what you need: one Rose Quartz, one Rhodochrosite, and one Rhodonite. These are three powerful love crystals. They are game changers: they can clear you and bring attractive vibes!

First, find yourself one quarter-sized, raw rose quartz: this high and mighty pink crystal consists of unconditional love. Pink rose quartz promotes self-love and creates vibes that attract what you desire. Secondly, you need to release, then replace some of your negative vibes with positive ones. Now, get your hands on one dime-sized Rhodonite; this stone is a dusty pink color and has some touches of black within it. This powerhouse cleans out the old love vibes from the past (you know, the negative relationship woes) and erases those vibes as it creates brand new frequencies to attract better qualities. Thirdly, find yourself a stone called Rhodochrosite. This is another pink stone, but brighter than the others. It brings a super amazing frequency; the crystals can tune you to only accepting the right kind of love you desire. To instill this vibration and harmonize with this stone you must state your intention to program this stone to do so for you.

As you are holding all three stones together in your hands, state, “I am and I allow myself to release any other than the light, all lower frequencies will be replaced with love and positive vibrations. I allow myself to meet a person that is my good match.” Then, you would state your credentials. These credentials are embedded by your voice—your voice is a frequency! Those vocal frequencies and those of the three crystals will now harmonize. They will begin adjusting you, simultaneously as they are being programmed to know what vibrations you want to accept. It’s such a positive energy exchange! Let me know when you met your good match—contact me through my website to share your love story!

Our thanks to Jolie for her guest post! For more from Jolie DeMarco, read her article, “Five Ways to Reset Your Life with Tarot.”

Written by Anna
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